Womansaga is a tribute offered to the woman of today- a master in every walks of life be it at home or the office. She knows what it takes to be the woman of substance that she is. She has the ability to manage her home, her work and find time for herself too. You can’t deny that women spend a fraction of their time gossiping and surfing the net. Women all over the world, love their daily dose of gossip and entertainment which an online magazine provides to them. We at Womansaga, understand each and every topic of interest for women and make it our aim to give them exactly what they want.

Since this magazine is 100% managed by an all women staff, we know that you can’t be fool a women. Every article they spend their time into, should give them some information of a moment of relaxation. Be it health, living, lifestyle, home décor or improvement, entertainment, movies or tv, celebrity gossip, parenting or pregnancy, we have tried to gain an insight into each and every aspect of a woman’s life.

Out target group of readers is not just the working women who is looking for managing her relationships or personal life, but the stay at home mother who wants to know is she is taking adequate care of her baby, the school or college going girl who want to know the latest fashion trends or the career advice.

Along with this, we give you an opportunity to enter this world by sharing your experiences with us and the women all over the world who are waiting to learn from it. So get engaged into a world, that is your own and create a story out of your life- your own saga- the WOMANSAGA.