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Top questions asked by women On speed dating, womansaga

Speed dating is the best way to gauge any potential love interest without getting emotionally involved. A majority of speed daters takes this very casually, but there is a group that has succeeded in finding their soul mates through speed dating. Women are especially more serious when it comes to speed dating. They ask several interesting questions to get an insight into the type of substance the man is made of. Read on to know some of the most interesting questions asked by women on a date and what they expect to know from such questions:

  1. Name the closest female to you? The most possible answers to this question would be an ex flame, his mother or his sister. The answer to this question provides the women an idea about how he views the women in his life. An ex flame tells you about his status of the relationship while a mother or sister portrays him as a family man.
  2. What is that thing in his life that he is proud of? Women ask this question to know the relative importance of things in his life. So, if a man lists his accomplishments in studies, sports or career, he must be a man who values physical attributes. In case he starts listing his moral attributes, he is a man who believes in self-development. Of course, there is no fixed answer to his question. Try and be honest, if you want to strengthen the relationship.
  3. Which is your dream adventure sport? If he is ready with the answer, the man is daring and adventurous. If he thinks about it for quite some time or says that it’s just not his cup of tea, you have the reasons to believe that he is not spontaneous in life and is the same in relationships too.
  4. Which is the animal that you view as yourself if not a human? You may feel that this is a silly question, but this is a very easy way to gauge his sensitivity towards nature as well as his own nature. If he chooses tiger or other predators, you can take him to be powerful and strong while a bird signifies a desire for freedom.

So next time you go for a speed dating event, you know how to judge the man sitting in front of you by simple questions.

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