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Real Dating Stories

When it comes to romantic relationships, we all do foolish things at one point or another. For some reason, we stop thinking clearly and, many times, we lose focus. That is why dating stories can be so funny! So let’s share some more of them. Let’s have a have a good time and remember those funny experiences with a smile on our faces in this series of one hundred and one dates

* All the characters in these stories are completely fictitious. Any similarity with real people is mere coincidence

The Stunt Double

On a Stunt Double Date, womansaga

On a Stunt Double Date

She started taking a literature course and found that her teacher was kind of cute. He was a good looking guy… and she felt attracted to him. One day, he befriended her on Facebook and asked her out. He didn’t have a profile photo, or much information on his wall, but that was okay: she was sure that it was him. She remembered his full name. They exchanged phone numbers and they agreed to meet in a bar. His had the same tone of voice. When she got there, she couldn’t find him anywhere. Instead, she saw a man waving at her…

“Excuse me, have we met before?” she asked him once she got to his table.

“Don’t you remember me?”

“Oh, yes, we work for the same company. You are in the legal department, aren’t you?”

“That is right. You work in HR.”

“Yes. I have seen you a couple of times, but I can hardly remember your name,” she assured.

“Here’s my business card.”

When she read his business card, she realized that he had the same name as… her teacher. In a polite way, she explained that she was actually expecting to meet someone else… anyway she sat at his table, shared some drinks and became friends with the legal department guy, who seemed to be a nice person although he was not as cute as her literature teacher.

Don’t Take This in a Personal Way

Dunk guy on a date, womansaga

There was this woman at work he really liked. He was very attracted to her but she didn’t seem to pay much attention to him. They worked in different departments, so there was little chance for them to socialize. But one day, there was an after office event for employees in an Irish pub near the company they worked for. He finally had the opportunity to get to talk to her. As he was a very shy person, he decided to drink a couple beers to be less inhibited when doing the talking. He actually drank far too many…

“Do you wanna dance?” he asked.

“Sure, why not.” She replied.

“I like this place. Have you come here before?”

“No, it’s my first time. I like the music.”

“You are such a beautiful woman.”

At that point, he started to feel dizzy. Apparently, he hadn’t eaten much, so beer was giving him a higher kick. Anyway, he couldn’t believe his luck. He was dancing with the girl he had been chasing for quite a long time. He was not going to miss that chance.

“Would it be wrong if I kiss you now?”

“I guess it would be okay,” she replied.

So they started kissing when…

“Are you okay?” She asked.

He was getting dizzier and dizzier.

“Don’t take this in a personal way… but I need to go …”


“To the bathroom. I need to throw up. I’ve drunk too much. But let’s do this again! I’ve had a great time.”

He went running to the bathroom and she stayed on the dance floor.

Dating experiences can be amazingly unpredictable… there will be more stories coming soon!! If you want your story to be a part of one hundred and one dates series, drop us a snippet in the comments.

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