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So far, we have been sharing some hilarious dating stories. I have had a lot of fun writing them and I hope you have had a good time reading them. That is, after all, the purpose of the One Hundred and One Dates saga: to make you laugh and have a good time. But we have cast romance aside, haven’t we? Some dating stories single out not because they are funny, but because they are… romantic. Let’s make room for a little romance this time. How about that for a change?

* All the characters in these stories are completely fictitious. Any similarity to real people is mere coincidence.

The Bohemian Musician

She was taking guitar lessons with a bohemian, musician she was referred to. One day, her teacher invited her to one of his gigs. And she went to see him, of course. He was a very talented guitarist and artist. He played R&B and was an abstract expressionist. After the concert, he invited her to the movies. And, at that moment, she realized that he wanted something more. Truth be told, she really liked him and admired him, so she accepted god-naturedly. According to what she told me, he is a very prestigious and renowned artist these days. After the concert, he asked her out.

“Let’s go to see a movie. I know of one that you will really like.”

“Which one?”

Before Sunrise.”

“It is well reviewed according to what I have heard.”

“And, after that, we can go for drinks to a nice pub.”

“Sure, let’s do that!” she replied enthusiastically.

They enjoyed the movie very much, especially her. After that, they went to a bar by the river and they sat at a table outside. It was a hot summer night so the night was just perfect. They had been talking for three hours, when he had something to confess…

“I would like to kiss you know, but I don’t dare to. I don’t know what to do.”

“Well, maybe I can kiss you first.”

They kissed for a long time and then he took her back home in his old car. It was a really good experience. So he asked her out again and they went out for a couple more times.

But one day, they stopped seeing each other. According to what a friend of hers told her, he got a scholarship to study music abroad and they lost touch. At first, she got a little bit sad because she really liked him, but as they say… time is a great healer and life went on.

Most recently, she learned about him through the social networks. He is married now with a baby. She felt happy for him when she read the news. She had very nice memories of him and of that hot summer night by the river.

Even though some stories don’t last forever, they have a happy ending. They become part of our lives and come with us wherever we go to. Those are the stories that make us smile while waiting for the bus, or standing in the supermarket line. Those are the stories that make us laugh and make people wonder … what is he/she laughing about?

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I am an English-Spanish translator and writer. Since I graduated as a translator, I have been building bridges of communication among people from different cultures for the sole purpose of enriching their lives with stories from other parts of the world. Most recently, I have started to feel the need to express my personal viewpoint about life, so I have decided to start walking down the road of professional writing. I am a very curious person so I like to investigate, write, and translate about almost everything. Literature and social sciences are the subjects I like the best.
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