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Top 10 Tips To Impress A Girl, womansaga

Gone are the days when being macho was enough to impress a girl. Women are very selective about selecting everything and when it comes to selecting their partner, whether it is for life or for just a date, you can’t expect them to be careless. Your single gesture can help you get the coveted date or mar your chances altogether. Men who are a hit with women have something more than just good looks. Read on to know the tips to impress a girl:

  1. Look in her eyes: Even though it is tough to focus on her conversation given the beauty she is, it is best to look her in the eyes and avoid the temptation to check her out all over.
  2. Groom yourself: Unmanaged hair or nails can drive any woman away from you. Don’t forget to double check your deodorant if you suffer from body odor.
  3. Help her: Women like to be pampered. Simple gestures like drawing out the chair will help her become comfortable. If she is wearing a coat, help her take it off or even wearing it back as you leave.
  4. Get involved with her friends: If you are looking for a long term liaison, try to mix with her social circle. This doesn’t mean that you start flirting with them or she will run away.
  5. Avoiding your phone: Leaving your phone unattended for some time would not result in loss of billions. Nothing can be more frustrating for a woman than taking a call or even checking messages while on a date or in the middle of a conversation.
  6. Be interested in her talks: Nothing can deny the fact that women love to talk. Asking her simple questions about her life or work or even friends will help her open up to you. Remember not to get too personal or she may feel offended.
  7. Opening doors: This is the only case where women like chivalry. Open doors for her everywhere possible is an evergreen gesture that women love- no matter their age.
  8. Compliment her: Women love to be complemented for their looks, dress any every single thing about them. While you do this, take care not to go overboard or using clichés or you may sound to be buttering her.
  9. Take her advice: women love when they are given their due importance. So ask them for advice on simple matters which might involve your friends too.
  10. Complement her positivity: She would love when you tell her that she gives you positive vibes and makes you feel happy. But it is better to ask your heart before telling her that.

After knowing the tips to impress a girl, you would certainly be able to leave a mark on her memory just after a single date.

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