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Natural Hair Care Tips That Really Work, womansaga

Hair forms the crown of the head. The way we style our hair, its length, color and texture says a lot about us. They make a statement about us. Healthy and shiny hair is a sign of your fitness and youth. It is very important to maintain your hair and keep them clean. Hair often becomes dull and lifeless. So, read below to find some natural hair care tips that really work:

Let’s see what makes hair look dull and lifeless?

Hair becomes dull due to various reasons:

  • Inadequate diet leading to deficiency of vitamins A, C, B12 and minerals such as iron
  • Straightening, perming, coloring, etc. in which hair is treated with chemicals
  • Intense and excessive brushing
  • Excessive use of dryer and/or hair straightener
  • Leaving the hair untangled
  • Exposure to the sun, since the UV rays of the sun perforate the hair shaft and alter the melanin content of the hair, which causes lightening of the hair
  • Exposure to the wind is equally harmful since the repeated effects of strong gusting winds make the hair tangled and leads to split ends
  • Washing hair with very hot water
  • Using a harsh shampoo
  • Shampooing too often like 5-6 times a week, the natural oils of the hair – sebum gets removed and hair looks dull

So what really makes shampoos and conditioners harmful?

Shampoos and conditioners often make the hair look dull. This is because they often have a detergent base, which removes the natural oils from your scalp and makes the hair look dry and dull. Most shampoos contain sulfates which makes the hair dry and dull.

People have a very common misconception about hair. They think that hair can be kept clean only using shampoos and conditioners. That’s just not true! Our ancestors never had shampoos and stuff!!!! They used only what was readily available. I don’t they even thought of “washing & combing” their hair like we do and still they had smoother and shinier hair! But, how?

Let’s find out how you can make your hair look shiny with organic ingredients?

  • Conditioning with egg – Egg is a great conditioner and contains lots of proteins. Hair is naturally made up of protein and so the egg is very good for hair. It helps to make the hair look glossy and shiny and also strengthens it. If the egg is mixed with coconut oil or olive oil and then applied to the hair, it is even more beneficial.
  • Conditioning with Honey and Banana – A mixture of banana, honey and milk acts as a natural conditioner and makes the hair look glossy.
  • Aloe Vera Treatment – The Aloe Vera plant very advantageous and serves as a fantastic conditioner. You can scrape the peel of the Aloe Vera plant and rub the gel on your hair.
  • Yoghurt as a Hair Mask – Using yoghurt on the hair as a mask conditions the hair very deeply. It should be left on the hair for about half an hour.
  • Balanced Diet – Eating a balanced and healthy diet with lots of fruits and green leafy vegetables goes a long way in keeping the hair healthy and shiny. This is the best organic way to improve the quality of your hair!

A few Points that you really need to Remember:

  • Regular Oiling – A regular hot oil massage is a must to avoid those bad hair days. Massaging with olive oil and coconut oil is also beneficial.
  • Regular Trimming – Hair should be trimmed every six to eight weeks to get rid of the split ends.
  • Choose your Shampoo wisely – Use a shampoo that has mild detergents, which is less harsh on the scalp.
  • Avoid frequent chemical treatments like coloring, perming and straightening.
  • Avoid using the hair dryer very often. While drying, do not keep the dryer too close to the scalp.
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