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How to style classic white shirt, womansaga

A crisp white button-down is a wardrobe essential and something that will never feel old or outdated. In fact, It will prove to be the friendly quick fix to most of your wardrobe woes, from deciding what to wear to the interview to just going down the street to casually run some errands. Once you get the hang of styling it well, you will learn to swear by its versatility and the wonders it can do for an otherwise simple outfit.

Now, how do you style the classic white shirt? Real simple, we have put together a list of our favourite pieces of clothing that go amazingly well with the white shirt, and are real easy on the eyes. Take your pick –

  1. Modest Midi 

Image 1_White shirt

White shirts and voluminous midi skirts are a match made in heaven. The masculine edginess of a white shirt and the feminine grace of a midi skirt, together they form the perfect outfit. This outfit works for casual as well as formal outings. Be sure to choose a lighter material skirt for casual brunches and a rich fabric such as satin, silk your formal evenings.

  1. Trendy Denim

Image 2_White shirt

This one is kind of a no-brainer, yet it is surprising to see how many women don’t prefer to wear the combination often. A white shirt and blue jean outfit may be overrated but trust us, it will get you through the most difficult of your job meetings, breezy lunches, nervous first dates without the slightest unease. And did we mention it makes you look stylish as hell?

  1. Refined Maxi 

Image 3_White shirt
Pair your white shirt with a maxi skirt and it will instantly transform you into a sophisticated lady. You can choose to go casual with a tan coloured maxi skirt for the day or a chiffon one in midnight blue for a glamorous evening.

  1. Summer Pants 

Image 4_White shirt

Go for the ultimate outfit look when the scorching summer heat gets to you. Wear your white button-down with a cute pair of shorts and sneakers, who says you can’t beat summer and look fancy at the same time?

  1. Overalls Overload 

Image 5_White shirt

Don’t want to go for the rugged look with a tee and trainers? No problem, opt for a slinky white shirt to go with your favourite denim dungarees and pair it with heels for the instant glamour.

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