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7 tips to accessorize, womansaga

For a large number of people accessorizing is nothing more than wearing random pieces of chunky jewelry or accessories. You certainly can’t call a little shimmering here or a little glittering there, accessorizing. Accessorizing is in fact an art. It is the art of wearing different pieces that sync well and have the capability of turning even a plain dress into a well thought vogue. Some of you might have the talent of accessorizing your clothes naturally and are certainly lucky while some others stay confused and fail to get even the best accessories to work. If you also spend more than 30 minutes every time in deciding what shoes or which bracelet to wear while going out, then you should certainly read these 7 top tips to accessorize yourself to look glamorous:

  1. Don’t go overboard:If you have ever heard the line “Less is More”, well, accessorizing yourself is the right time to follow that. Putting lots of accessories can make you feel look confused and cluttered. So, putting lots of accessories is certainly the recipe of a fashion disaster.

Tip: Keep in mind the color and the design of your dress while selecting the perfect accessories. The best accessory is one that complements your dress.

  1. Accessorize plain clothes: Plain clothes are your best bet if you want to accessorize. Use bold accessories with plain and neutral clothes like beige, white, black or blues. This is simply because neutral shades have the ability to gel with almost any other color in the color palette. This is one of the best kept secrets of fashion icons all over the world.
  2. Don’t be obsessively coordinated: If you have the habit of matching your scarfs well as your socks and the neckpiece to the color of your dress, you are certainly a victim of obsessively coordinated. It simply shows your lack of creativity and thinking. Try playing with different shades while dressing up and accessorizing.
  3. Keep the accessories in sync with each other:We have seen people wearing large danglers with heavy necklaces. This is a real fashion disaster. Similarly, if you are wearing a big flashy ring, don’t go overboard with a similar bracelet. If you have selected one bold accessory, keep the others subtle. It is best to check the size of all accessories in sync with each other.
  4. Choose the pieces that accentuate you: Accessories are your best bet when you want to boost a particular feature of your body. By this we mean, if you have high cheekbones, you can accentuate them by wearing big hoop earrings. Similarly, a bright scarf can bring all the attention to your beautiful eyes. Even though this is a trick that you will have to learn, but you can surely try to find out which accessory works best for your body image.
  5. Make a personal style statement:Instead of spending hours each time, in selecting the perfect accessory that complements you, you should certainly decide what suits you best and create a collection of only those pieces. This will not only ease up the entire dressing up routine while staying confident of wearing only the best accessories and who doesn’t like to be known for his signature style.
  6. Look for inspiration:Even though no one else can decide what looks good on you, you can certainly take inspiration from fashion gurus and magazines before you start building up your collection of accessories. If you have someone, whose style statement you secretly admire, or someone who shares a similar fashion taste with you, get inspired by them.

With these top tips to accessorize you will never go wrong, be it any occasion- from a dinner date to girls day out, you will always look your best!