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Designer Cristina Ruales launched her Fall 2015 collection in New York Fashion Week on a rather humble note. The show contained no ostentatious displays or theatrical entrances. The drama however, was subtly incorporated through the sauntering ballerinas who seemed to own the runway.

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The collection was a blend of structured silhouettes, shift dresses inspired by architecture, a lot of jackets varying from bombers to bikers. There were separates easily turned into workwear or clubwear, the kind of versatility that is truly remarkable in the contemporary fashion space. The palette for the collection comprised of earthy, muted fall shades such as charcoal, navy, forest and military greens, green being the dominant colour of the season. The entire line is extremely wearable and the good part is, there is something for every woman, be it the glamorous diva or the party hopper or the smart business executive. And the pieces are anything but everyday, first thing being they don’t have the traditional seams on the side, the concept of the collection is such that each piece looks flowy and effortless, and the wearer’s comfort is not compromised. The idea behind the line is to celebrate the modern woman who is not afraid to take a stand where needed, and not afraid to flaunt her individuality, her power.

Cristina Ruales is a fashion designer at work and loving mother at home. As a child herself, she always knew she wanted to be a designer. She grew up around nature a lot, the reason why her work is largely inspired from three things, nature, architecture and fine art.

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