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Ladies, let’s face it. Acting professional is only one way you will ace a job interview. It’s just as important to look professional, because you want to give your employer the impression that you are a smart, business-savvy woman who knows the trends of both the business world, and the fashion world. With women at the forefront of the workforce today, there are more and more options for dressing and styling yourself for an interview. Blazers, suits, and button-ups are available in every size, but sometimes it’s harder to find the really chic outfits if you wear a plus size. This doesn’t mean that other styles aren’t out there, it just means we have to be a little more creative in designing them. Don’t worry ladies, we have created a list of a few looks that are sure to make a fabulous impression at your up and coming job interview. Here are some plus size interview clothes ideas that you can use:

1. The Classic Businesswoman 


For those of you who mean business, this is certainly the outfit for you. It’s important to find the right pant suit for you, because the wrong fit could actually make a suit really uncomfortable to sit in, and if you’re working in an office you’ll probably be doing a lot of sitting. Nordstrom offers this option with a three buttoned jacket, making it easy to close, and insuring that it looks smooth and allows you to wear any kind of shirt underneath.

2. The Whimsical Working Woman


This next option is perfect for someone with a bubbly, outgoing personality. Pairing a skirt with a blazer or a sweater is such a cute option, and we think it is totally appropriate for an interview! The length of this skirt is very conservative, making sure that you are adhering to dress codes and professional conduct. On the other hand, the pleats are so cute and this skirt just flows so nicely. If green isn’t your thing, modcloth has this “Whimsical Wonder Skirt” in other adorable colors as well.

3. The Professional Trend-Setter


It’s okay to want to look professional and still maintain your own personal style and personality. That’s why we love this look of paring a totally professional blazer alongside a shirt that shows a little  bit more personality. By stepping, or dressing out of the box, you might just catch an employer’s attention. Plus, a blazer like this can work with just about any outfit, so there are many ways to make this a professional, yet comfortable look. Find this blazer and more like it on torrid store.

4. The “Daredevil” Fashionista


This last look is perfect for all of the ladies who wish they could buy a dress that looks as good on them as it does on the store mannequin. Head over to Kohl’s and check out this “faux wrap” dress. The fabric comes together slightly on the left side, which imitates the look of those popular wrap dresses that are (let’s face it) too hard to figure out how to put on anyway. By choosing this dress, you are making a bunch of great decisions. The main dark color is slimming, yet pretty, and the green borders give it that little extra pop that will be sure to get you noticed at your next job interview.

With these looks, any employer is sure to take you seriously. Take these plus size interview clothes ideas and become your own personal stylist. It’s okay to mix and match or to check out some more clothes online. All that matters is that you feel comfortable and professional while doing it. We hope this list gives you some ideas and inspiration on how to look professional, and not to mention confident. Now go out there and ace that interview.