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Is Toner really beneficial for your face?

When we meet someone, the first thing that we notice is the face. A person’s face says a lot about him or her. More often than not, we judge a person by his face. One look and you get to know many things about someone. Healthy skin is always appealing, while an oily and freckled facial skin is unpleasant to look at. You might be using many different skin care products to keep your face clean, but still missing out on something important. It is quite a challenge to keep one’s skin healthy with the hectic schedule and unhealthy lifestyle that we follow. But there is one product that might give you a clean and healthy skin. Wondering what? A Toner! Don’t believe it? Are you wondering if a toner is really beneficial for your face? Well, read below to find out more!

Our skin is very delicate and needs constant care and nourishment. The market is flooded with skin care products and at times it becomes very difficult to decide which product to choose. We use creams, scrubs and peels to keep our face clean and healthy. We all know that environmental pollution and makeup affect the skin adversely. The dirt and oil, which gets accumulated on the skin, clogs the pores and leads to acne. Thus, it is very important to keep the skin clean and healthy.

If you have oily skin, then your skin care regime is incomplete without a toner. A toner can help you cleanse the skin and remove the excess dirt and oil. It not only unclogs the pores, it also shrinks the pores and makes them appear smaller. Although a good face wash does the same thing, but it also takes away the essential oils of the skin, making it dry. Soaps are alkaline and they disturb the pH of our skin. This is where a toner comes to your rescue. A toner helps to balance the pH of the skin and refreshes it. It moisturizes the skin and adds a layer of protection. Research has shown that a toner can also prevent ingrown hair.

Nowadays, one can find many different types of toners as they are made up of varied ingredients. We have listed some of the most commonly available toners here:

  1. There are toners, which protect the skin against ageing, such as those that contain Hyaluronic acid. These prevent the skin from ageing fast.
  2. There are some toners that are water-based and they help to repair the skin. These are the safest to use.
  3. Some toners are made of glycerin and water. Although these refresh the skin, they have a strong fragrance and can cause allergic reactions on the face.
  4. Yet another type of toners that are available, are alcohol-based and they have astringent properties. These can damage the skin to a great extent. These should not be used without consulting an expert.

Before heading to buy the perfect toner for yourself, you must know your specific skin-type so that you can decide the product that will be suitable for your skin. Just as we all are different, so is our skin and everyone’s skin reacts differently to different products. The best option is to get advice from a skin care expert so that they can recommend a toner based on your skin-type and your needs.

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