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What Does Your Shoes Say About Your Personality, womansaga

Name an inseparable pair? A pair of socks you may say! That is old. Women and shoes are an inseparable pair. Almost all women on this planet adore shoes. The shoes you wear, tell a lot about you, your outlook on life and how you feel about yourself. In reality, the shoes have the power to take us where we want to go and even tell our secrets to others..

Read here to know What Do Your Shoes Say About Your Personality:

Peep Toes

You are simple, sophisticated, decisive and super-organized. You truly want to look perfect always. Though introvert but you dazzle people once you open up. Not only this, you are stable and modern and love to take it as it comes without being bold or daring. Also, you prefer feminine dressing over other styles.

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There is nothing more important to you than your comfort. You are confident, straightforward and love power. You make wise choices and are practical, but like to play with trends and manage to make a style statement. This is not all, you have the courage to do the difficult things effortlessly. Primary laid back in attitude, but you know when you need to take the charge.

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Ballet Flats

You are sweet-natured, friendly, relaxed, understanding and  ooze warmth. You stand up for what you believe in. You believe you are totally a daddy’s girl or a princess.  You give out a perception that you are an extrovert, but in reality you desire for homely and comfortable footwear. Ballet flats also mean that you are not very open to experiments and changes.

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You are an adventurous rebel and have the power to face the tough times. You never fail to amaze people with your level of confidence. Boots also signify that you are well traveled and sociable. You are independent and like to do thing by yourself. As you refuse to tolerate rude behavior, you often come across as aggressive.

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You love to do things your way and follow your passion. You are zealous, headstrong and not intimidated to be bold. You certainly have a fashion sense and your source of power is finesse paired with graciousness.

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Kitten Heels

You are somebody who likes to walk the line between comfort and style. You not only want to buy wearable art but ensure that your shoes get the see the light of the day. Thus, you are a smart shopper with a great sense of style. You not only want to look pretty but also stay in your skin.

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Funky Pumps

You believe that fashion is all about playing with the colors. You have a great and lively personality and you can brighten up any dull room with your presence. Socializing, hanging out and understanding are the core features of your personality.

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Don’t forget to let us know which your shoe style is.