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Home remedies for dry cough

One thing that is more annoying than waiting for somebody is a dry cough. It is somewhat a painful condition as you often feel restless, and it hampers your daily output. Before visiting the doctor for common cold and cough, it is natural to try some home remedies for a cough. These home remedies for a dry cough are quite effective and provide relief from it. Some of the quick home remedies for dry cough:

  1. Vinegar: It is an effective home remedy for a dry cough. Vinegar contains the natural healing enzymes which heal the throat’s inflammation which in turn soothe the coughing. Mix water and some apple cider vinegar. Drink this mixture when you have the urge to cough.
  2. Ginger: Nothing works better than sliced ginger for soothing the dry cough. Whenever you feel the urge to cough, chew few slices of ginger for immediate relief. The ginger heals the throat’s inflammation and also subdue a cough.
  3. Hot milk: Drinking a cup of hot milk with some honey in it not only cures you of a dry cough, but also allow you to have a peaceful sleep. It cures a cough in infants very fast and provides the needed relief.
  4. Garlic: It is a well-known home remedy for a dry cough. Make a paste of garlic and honey and take it when you feel the urge to cough. It even soothes the frequency and pain of coughing.
  5. Grapes: They are not only known for strengthening your lungs but also as an effective expectorant. Take one cup of grape juice with one tablespoon of honey to notice the difference in the throat and cough.
  6. Onion juice: Believe it or not, onion juice is one of the most effective cough remedies. Simply blend one tablespoon of raw onion juice with honey. Let this mixture stay for few hours. This effective cough syrup will surely soothe you tremendously.
  7. Herbal tea: It is one of the well-known home remedies for a cough and cold. There are some herbal teas that you can try to get immediate relief. Chamomile tea or thyme tea or green tea are considered to be the best as they contain hydrating and healing enzymes. Add a spoon of honey and lemon to keep the throat further hydrated. Drink the tea sip by sip for immediate relief.

These home remedies for dry cough are reliable and have no serious side effects like over-the-counter drugs that make you feel sleepy and drowsy.