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Treat Cancer With A Combination Of Allopathic And Alternative Treatment, womansaga

Cancer isn’t just a disease of the body. It is an all-encompassing feeling of dread and helplessness. This feeling of dreadfulness and misery, not only surround the victim, but the entire family. What makes the situation worse, is the possibility of the cancer returning back or worse yet, not making it through the first time. Thankfully, there are medicines and treatments to fight cancer, but allopathic medication only treats the physical harm that cancer causes. But fighting cancer in true sense means helping the mind, body and spirit recuperate from the stressful turmoil. A combination of different treatments can aid recovery and help you stay well.

You need to balance the energy centers to ensure that the cancer doesn’t return. Some may also opt for counseling or psychotherapy. The idea is to eliminate the root cause and not just grapple with the symptoms. These treatments will open up thoughts and initiate discussions that will help the patient recover sooner. It’s a way to relax your mind and to let go the feelings of resentment, anger or betrayal. Some may resort to homeopathy too, to deal with the physically manifested symptoms.

Let’s take a look at the alternative therapies for cancer that are available:

  1. Meditation: Some people might scoff at this idea. But doing meditation under an instructor and then taking it to a prayer level has helped many patients experience a feeling of relief and weightlessness. It calms the body and mind. It reduces anxiety and stress by fostering a positive attitude.
  2. Acupuncture: We agree that many people might have their own reservations and misgivings when it comes to needles piercing your bodies, but this practice really helps. It helps in relieving the pain, in fighting nausea and weakness and reduces vomiting and fatigue due to chemotherapy and other medications.
  3. Acupressure: Some proponents of acupressure feel that it helps with pain management and all the changes in your body due to the cancer and the radiation due to chemotherapy. A lot of people feel better after trying it out. It’s a lesser controversial and non-invasive option as compared to acupuncture.
  4. Massage: Just shut down your mind and get a full body, deep tissue massage. This lets you think, acknowledge and accept that you have just been through hell and you are still fighting. It helps the knots ease out in your body, and reduces muscle stiffness and tension.
  5. Energy healing: This is also known as Reiki. It opens the energy centers and chakras in the body and helps you recover faster. This removes blockage from your thought processes and make you more receptive to the treatments.

Distance Reiki is also a form of distance energy healing treatment. You don’t have to be physically near the Reiki specialist. There may be other forms of medicine too. But these complementary therapies have been known to work. In fact, some medical schools offer complementary and alternative medicine as a subject. People are becoming aware of these issues and taking this approach seriously.


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