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Top 5 Whole Body Exercises That Will Keep You Fit, womansaga

Our hectic lifestyle hardly leaves us with time and energy to hit the gym. In case we do have time, we find it difficult to leave the comfort of our home and go to the gym. But we can’t undermine the health benefits of exercise. Exercising is a great way to stay fit and active. How about doing some exercises right at the home? Here are top 5 whole body exercises that will keep you healthy, fit and active. They will help you stay in shape and give your entire body a good workout.

1) Doing Overhead Lifts while Squatting with a Medicine Ball

This exercise targets the muscles in your arms, gluteus, lower back and shoulders.

Start with your feet shoulder length apart, and hold a lightweight medicine ball in your hands. As you start to squat downwards, push your gluteus back. Your knees will go over your ankle as you lower the ball in an erect posture. Return to your original position and then lift the medicine ball above your head. Repeat this squatting and lifting exercise for at least 3 sets of 10.

2) Do bicep curls while climbing the stairs

This exercise is great for toning your legs and arms, and also gives you a great cardio workout.

While standing at the bottom of the stairs, hold a dumbbell in each hand. Start climbing the stairs, and perform a bicep curl with each hand. Gradually start walking or running down the stairs without doing the curls. Do a repetition of 5 sets of 10. To increase resistance, increase the weight of your dumbbells and take two stairs at a time instead of one.

3) Doing a reverse fly with a hip extension

This exercise is great for strengthening the muscles in your back, legs, gluteus and shoulders as well as improving your balance.

Stand up straight while holding a 5-pound weight in either hand. Start by extending your right leg to the back and pointing your toe to the floor. While slowly leaning forward at the hips and bringing your chest parallel to the floor, simultaneously lift your right leg. Then extend your arms out from your shoulders and lift your arms straight out. Repeat this exercise for a minimum of 10 times for each leg. To increase resistance, increase the weight of your dumbbells.

4) Doing diagonal reaches with a medicine ball

This exercise will help you strengthen all the muscles in your legs, arms and shoulders.

Stand up straight and hold a medicine ball at your chest level. Start by lifting the ball diagonally towards the right while keeping your arms straight. At the same time, extend your left leg out to the back. Do the same steps for the right leg. Perform this exercise at least 10 times. To increase resistance, attach weights to your legs and arms.

5) Back Row Lunges

This exercise will help you improve your posture and strengthen your back muscles, shoulders, and arms.

Put your right foot ahead and left foot back, with heels flat on the floor and feet pointing forward. With an 8-pound weight in both hands, start by bending your right knee. Bend forward so that your chest is parallel to your thigh. Bring your arms down at the same time, while keeping your back flat. Then straighten your right leg, while pushing your elbows back. Perform at least 10 repetitions with each leg.

These exercises will help you stay fit without much of troubles. You can do these exercises anytime you feel like without taking much of the stress.

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