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All You Want To Know About Vaginal Dryness, womansaga

Vaginal dryness can be extremely uncomfortable for women. The causes of vaginal dryness range from  hormonal changes to physiological factors or medication side effects, to psychological and emotional issues, such as anxiety or lack of desire. The dryness disrupts the personal life to a large extent as they start shying away from the sexual activities of all sorts which can be fatal for any relationship.

To treat the vaginal dryness it is extremely important to know the causes of vaginal dryness. Some of the common causes are:

  1. Changes in hormones: The decrease in estrogen levels is one of the most common causes of vaginal dryness. The decrease in the estrogen level may be because of menopause, childbirth or breastfeeding. Cancer treatments like radiation or chemotherapy can also lead to low estrogen levels and decrease the vaginal lubrication.
  2. Medications: The cold and allergy medications contain antihistamines which have a drying effect in the body and often cause reduced vaginal lubrication.
  3. Irritants: Some women are highly sensitive to chemicals in soaps, dyes, hygiene products and perfumes. The irritation might be caused because of a new or underwear or towels. These irritants often cause vaginal dryness leading to discomfort.
  4. Insufficient arousal: At times vaginal dryness is caused because of sexual problems with the partner or low libido. In case the partner has poor performance or early ejaculation, it often results in vaginal dryness.
  5. Anxiety: Emotional and psychological factors like anxiety and stress can also wreak havoc on sexual desire leading to vaginal dryness. When the woman is nervous there is insufficient blood flow that leads to vaginal dryness.
  6. After childbirth: Childbirth is a taxing time for any woman’s body and causes several changes to her body. Vaginal dryness is often experienced after delivery. Don’t worry, it will go with time by using right alternative treatments.

Now, that you know the causes of vaginal dryness, it is also important to know when to seek medical assistance from the experts:

  1. Extreme pain during sex: If you feel extreme pain every time you indulge in intercourse, then probably you are suffering from vaginal dryness. Sometimes it may follow bleeding too. It may be due to lack of adequate foreplay, but if the problem continues for long, you may need to consult a doctor.
  2. Vaginal burning: You may feel a constant burning feeling in your entire vaginal area as a result of vaginal dryness. Local vaginal lubricants can be of great help in such cases.
  3. Frequent urinary or bladder infections: In case you feel a constant urge to visit washroom every few minutes or get bladder infections pretty soon, then you may have to get yourself vaginal dryness treatment.

Fortunately, there are nearly as many options for dry vagina relief as there are causes. Some of the alternative treatment for vaginal dryness is:

  1. Water based lubricants: These types of vaginal lubricants are used to bring only temporary relief that last for a few hours. However, in some cases, using them over a long time can bring a long lasting vaginal lubricity also. Simply apply the lubricant in the vaginal area before the dryness gets extreme or before sexual activity. Since there are several lubricants available in the market, you can easily select the one that is most suitable for you.
  2. Creams with wild yam: Wild yam has been clinically proven to be having estrogen like properties. So tropical creams that have wild yam as an active ingredient can be used to relieve vaginal dryness caused due to low estrogen levels.
  3. Soyabeans and its products: Soya contains natural isoflavones, which can trigger the estrogen similar properties in the body. So, if you are suffering from vaginal dryness which is caused due to any reason, just increase the amount of soya in your diet and wait to notice the difference.
  4. Exercises: Pelvic exercises are also a great way to regain the lost vagina strength. Try to learn yoga and some floor exercises and get back your genital health.

It is important to note that the above vaginal dryness treatment is used to treat only mild degrees of vaginal dryness. In case of extreme vaginal dryness, try these following treatments:

  1. Estrogen ring: You can also call it a vaginal estrogen ring. A ring containing estrogen is inserted into the vagina, which relieves the patient from the symptoms of vaginal dryness as the lack of estrogen is the most common cause of vaginal dryness.
  2. Estrogen tablet: This also works like the vaginal estrogen ring and is placed into the vagina for almost two weeks. The tablet releases the estrogen hormone in the woman’s body and thus relieves her from the discomfort.
  3. Estrogen creams: These can also be termed as vaginal lubricants as they give lubrication of the vagina when applied as per the directions that come with them. You need to be regular in their use if you want to get the desired results.

So, if you are also experiencing vaginal dryness, don’t feel shy or awkward, it is quite normal. Just ensure that you look for a treatment for a happy personal and sexual life.