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Drink Your Cup Of Black Tea Guilt Free, womansaga

Almost all of us love to start our day with a perfect cup of coffee or tea and over it indulge in the conversation with the family and friends about differences in the choice of the caffeinated drinks such as coffee or tea and their types? If you are also one of those who prefer black tea and been told hundreds of times that overindulgence in caffeinated drinks is bad, there is a good news. Next time, when you take an extra cup of black tea don’t feel guilty, as indulging in black tea contributes to healthy lifestyle. Yes, you read it right.

Black tea is made from Camellia Sinesis, a shrub from which even green tea is made. But the difference is in how it is processed. Black tea leaves are not only withered, rolled and heated, but also fermented before they are heated. Some of the benefits of black tea are:

  1. Strong heart: Research shows that if you consume three or more cups of black tea, the chances of the heart stroke, reduce by almost 21% in comparison to those who consume just one cup of black tea per day. This is because black tea contains flavonoids called catechins that act as powerful antioxidants and prevent damage from free radicals.
  2. Oral well-being: Studies show that black tea reduces the formation of plaque and restrict the growth of bacteria that leads to tooth decay and promotes the formation of cavities. It consists of Polyphenols that hinders the growth of bacterial enzymes that lead to the formation of sticky-material that binds the plaque to the teeth. Thus, next time you step in tea shop Manchester, order yourself a cup of black tea.
  3. Stress relief: The biggest benefit of taking black tea is the stress relieving benefits. It helps you feel calm and improve concentration because it contains the amino acid L-theanine. Research also, shows that if black tea is consumed in moderate quantities it controls the level of cortisol, the stress hormone.
  4. Improved immunity system: Black tea is known to contain alkylamine antigens that significantly boost the immunity system. Also black tea contains tannins that fight the virus attacks and keep us protected from stomach flu, influenza and other viruses.

In addition to these benefits, drinking black tea has health benefits like healthy bones, lower risk of diabetes, improved digestive tract and increased energy. So, next time when you take a cup of black tea don’t ever feel guilty, just remember the benefits of black tea.