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12 habits that ruin your teeth, womansaga

Almost everybody knows that sloppy dental hygiene, smoking, and teeth grinding can ruin your teeth. But you must keep in mind that these are not the only habits that ruin your gums and teeth. There are over a dozen of habits that have an adverse effect on the oral well-being and cause oral infection and promote cavities. Here are 12 habits that ruin your teeth:

  1. Chewing ice: You might think that chewing ice is harmless as it is sugar-free and natural. But this is not true! Munching the frozen and hard ice cubes often result in cracked or chipped teeth. Chewing ice might also irritate the soft tissues and cause toothache
  2. Not using mouth guard while playing: If you play hockey or football or other contact sports, then it is not advisable to play the game without using a mouth guard. A mouth guard protects your upper row of the teeth which otherwise are at risk of chipping or getting knocked out when playing the game.
  3. Bottles at bedtime: Early care is always advisable. So, never give your kid the bedtime bottle of milk as it can put the new teeth too soon on the path of decay. Most of the times, baby sleeps with the bottle in the mouth, which means that the teeth bathe in the sugar overnight. 
  4. Lip or tongue piercing: There is no doubt that lip or tongue piercing looks cool and trendy. But it poses a big risk of tooth cracking as you continuously bit down a metal stud. Also as the metal continuously rubs against the gums; there is a danger of gum damage or tooth loss. This is not all, the risk of bacterial infection multiplies as there is a metal piece continuously in your mouth.
  5. Chewing on Pencils: Are you one of those who unknowingly chew pencil when studying or concentrating? Like chewing ice, this habit too can lead to cracking or chipping of the teeth. If you feel the urge to chew, it is best to use sugarless gums as it triggers the flow of saliva making the teeth stronger and protecting it against the enamel decay.
  6. Gummy candy: All sugar candies lead to tooth decay, but there are few candies that are quite hard to bear. Gummy candies stick in the teeth and thus the sugar and the acids stay in your enamel for pretty long causing tooth decay. If you can’t do without gummy critters then instead of taking them as snacks, pop a couple of them during the meal. This is because while eating more saliva is produced which helps in rinsing the candy bits and acid away.
  7. Cough drops: If you think that everything that is sold in medicine isle healthy, then you must know that cough drops are not. Most of the cough drops are sugar loaded. Thus, after you taking cough drops it is essential to brush your teeth because sugar reacts with the sticky plaque that rests on your teeth. The bacteria present in the plaque converts the sugar into the acid that attacks the tooth enamel.
  8. Soda: Most sodas have roughly 11 teaspoons of sugar per serving and also citric acid and phosphoric acid which attacks the tooth enamel. Thus, it is very dangerous for the oral well-being. If you believe that by replacing soda with diet soda you have cut down on sugar, but remember they are high in acid because of artificial sweeteners.
  9. Using teeth as a tool: If you are one of those who believe that opening plastic packaging or bottle caps is convenient, then you risking your teeth. Dentists highly disapprove of the habit of using your teeth as a tool because it might cause them to chip or crack. Teeth must be used only for eating and nothing else.
  10.  Potato chips: The bacteria present in plaque breaks down the starchy foods into acid. This acid attacks the teeth for over 20 minutes and sometimes even longer in case the food gets stuck between the teeth. Dentists recommend flossing after eating potato chips or any other starchy food that can stuck between the teeth.
  11. Fruit Juice: Fruit juices contain antioxidants and vitamins, but are also high in sugar content. Some juices have the sugar content that equals to that of soda. When buying fruit juices, make sure there is no added sugar as fruits are naturally sweet. If you further want to reduce the sugar content in the juice, dilute it by adding some water.
  12.  Drinking wine: Drinking both red and white wine is not healthy for your teeth. The acids in the wine eat away the enamel of the tooth that creates rough spots making the teeth vulnerable to staining. The tannins and chromogen in the red wine have the property that sticks to the teeth which often results in teeth discoloration. If you think that white wine will not harm your teeth as there is no risk of discoloration, you are mistaken. The acid in the white wine weakens the enamel and makes the teeth porous.

These 12 habits are truly dangerous for the oral well-being. If these habits have started the tooth decay and other oral problems, it is best to seek dentist assistance as soon as possible.