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In this aggressive world anxiety has become a part of our life. A study shows that almost 18% of the adults suffer from anxiety. If your loved ones also suffer from this traumatic problem, you need not feel disheartened. There are a number of ways to tackle this difficult situation except to seek medical help. Want to know, what other way? Read below to know how you can cure anxiety naturally:

  1. Yoga and Meditation

yoga and meditation

If you are looking out for effective and instant cure of anxiety without medication then yoga and meditation are sure to provide you instant relief. Try and incorporate yoga and meditation in your daily schedule for about thirty minutes. Deep breathing calms down the anxiety.

  1. Massage

body massaga

Body or head massage soothes your body and improves the blood circulation to a great deal. Anxiety builds-up tension in the muscles and the massage helps in releasing it. Also during massage happy endorphins are released which further calm down your mind and make you feel relaxed. Acupressure and acupuncture also help in relieving the anxiety.

  1. Workout


Regular workout is a must to get free from the clutches of this painful disorder. Workout lets you experience the rush of adrenaline which causes trouble when inert. It is very important to burn off the extra adrenaline. Jumping jacks, climb-up and down the stairs, walking, elliptical and treadmill helps you relax.

  1. Socialize


Remember ‘idle mind is the devil’s home’. It is extremely important to keep yourself busy. Lead a social life full of friends and relatives. Plan out for a day picnic, movie, shopping spree or just an evening tea. Meeting with friends and relatives fills your heart with oomph and enthusiasm.

  1. Tea


Tea is a well known and proven way to treat stress and anxiety. A cup of tea relieves you of tensions and calms your body, mind and soul. If possible, try and add thyme, orange blossoms, cloves, chamomile and lavender. Prefer green tea or white tea as caffeine content is low.

  1. Community outreach program

Community outreach program

It feels good when you actually go out to community outreach program. Plan a visit to an old age home or orphanage or children cancer patients. Spend some time with them and try and bring a little smile on their face. This is a great way to cure anxiety without medications.

  1. Aromatherapy


Essential oils work wonders when it comes to treating anxiety. Nature has bestowed us with a number of flowers, herbs and plants that support our psychological and physical wellness.

  1. Childhood memories

childhood memories

It has been seen that childhood memories and flashback have helped in soothing anxiety attacks. It is quite simple to dig deep in the happy and carefree childhood memories. Sense of smell is an effective tool that helps in reducing your fears and creating relaxed self.

  1. Warm bathYoung beautiful woman relaxing in a bath

Take a dip in warm water as it is very relaxing. You can also enjoy a music piece of your choice in the backdrop to keep your spirits high.

  1. Read a book

read a book

If you are not a book reader, try and develop a habit of picking up interesting or romantic novels. Get your hand on colorful story books or magazines relieve your stress and anxiety.

These 10 ways of cure anxiety naturally are sure to help your loved ones deal with the most painful time with great patience and ease.