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How to Allow Comfort into Your Life, womansaga

It seems to me we are never alone in our troubles.  Yes, we can at times feel lonely, disconnected or fearful and it is part of life (and development).  However, to deal with emotions the best strategy is to embrace them rather than trying to cover-up these difficult emotions.

When you embrace these feelings, you will be able to connect to a higher understanding of yourself and what seemed like mournful solitude, becomes deep insight.  In my opinion, emotions are our earthly radar.  They steer us and are not designed as an end in themselves.

To dwell, subjectively, can lead to self-indulgence.  I do not mean selfishness, but you can become trapped in over analysis.  If you fixate upon your negative emotions you give them the undivided attention which allows them to manifest and grow in strength.  Equally, if you deny them, you are lying to yourself.  Acknowledging them and understanding them, seeing them as just part of an ingredient list and not the finished product, affords perspective and comfort.

As an example, I have had times when anxiety over finances has kept me awake at night.  I have worried about buying the basics to see my family through the week, or have had bills which have mounted up.  I have spent time in this state, almost paralysed in fearfulness and worry.  This worry has been so consuming it has given me headaches, stomach upset and left me exhausted and prone to minor infections.  If I tried to deny this state of feeling, and continue regardless, I felt the anxiety mount in greater and greater weight.  It shifts from worry, to panic and threatens to eat  up every sensible thought in my head.

The remedy I use?  Ask for help in my situation.  I ask myself/soul/spirit for help.  I calm myself enough to sleep, with gentle meditation or breathing exercises, and I pin point the source of my negative emotion.  Do not put pressure upon your future self to remedy everything overnight, but trust and repeat “everything will be OK”.  Believe that this ‘test’ serves to teach you something, it is not accidental and you are not powerless.

Have belief that this is  a temporary state and never add to your worries by wondering what the next ‘state’ will be. Talk gently to your soul and your soul will respond.  You may feel empowered to reach out to those you need to communicate with, perhaps to rearrange payment dates or negotiate a payment plan which is realistic.  Someone in your circle may provide you with food or a treat to lift your spirit.  Perhaps you Higher Self will soothe away those anxieties by shining radiant sunshine upon you, or sending you a signal in a feather or gentle breeze. You will feel accompanied and guided where once you felt abandoned and imprisoned.

Let go of the panic, take positive action without fear and ride it out.  “It will be OK” for all sorts of reasons.  Whatever your life feels like just now, remember it will feel like something else in the future.  Trust your inner/outer guidance and prepare to have miracles appear.

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Catherine B graduated from Glasgow University with a mix of subjects and promptly spent over ten years managing care services in various roles. Motivated by excellence and the fascinating things that people do, Catherine has enjoyed a varied career and most recently retired from over 15 years as a college lecturer. She has written two books and now divides her time between her growing children, walking on windy Scottish beaches, coaching and training nurses, advice and care workers. Oh, and she also runs arts and crafts classes for disabled adults, writes articles and paints.