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5 Creative and Affordable DIY Home Bar Designs, womansaga

When you feel in need to have a cocktail after a long day of work, you don’t want to go outside and get yourself in formalities. Instead, you can treat yourself by creating your own corner of oasis in your home where you enjoy and relax. Well, there are a lot of places you can go to build a bar, but it can cost you a lot, whereas; it will be more valuable and budget friendly, if you construct it by yourself. Don’t stop there and get ready for a DIY project to build your personal mini bar. So, whenever you get a cocktail, you will have a moment to appreciate your successful achievement and every time you have a company, you will have a story to tell. However, there are many creative ways to create a cool yet very affordable mini bars without “breaking the bank”. Here are 5 creative home bar ideas that you can use:

  1. Corner table bar: Redesign any round table you already own and cut it into two halves, take one half and give it a new fresh and sleek coat of color and attach it to any free wall you prefer. Decorate it with some of your favorite collection of drinks, add some glasses, put some art pieces that you like and there you have it, your corner mini bar. This idea is more suitable for those who live in a limited space; it gives more functionality and touch of elegance.
  2. corner tableBook bar: If you are a big fan of reading and have a passion to collect books, you can use them as decorative tiles for your bar. You can build your bar out of your collection, chose your least favorite books and glue them on top of each other to make the frame and fill the space in between with the books you like. Get more creative and stick winery books on top and use glass as a topper. This idea requires some time, but the result is so worth it. This is truly one of the best creative bar ideas that will win you appreciation from your friends.

5 Creative and Affordable DIY Home Bar Designs, womansaga

  1. Beach themed bar: If you like the vibe of the beach and the sea water but you don’t have the time to go there, you can bring them to your house. Find any old surfing board and place it on top of any basic table, give it a new look and use it as a display for your collection of bottle. This will make an original stamp of your personality.

Beach themed bar

  1. Vintage bar: if you have any old dresser, you can simply turn it into a bar. Give it a new white color and gently scratch it for a more vintage charm. It is more convenient and practical design where you can store bottles and glasses. Moreover, you can decorate and play with the surface with some flowers, glasses, statement peace or any of your personal touches.
  2. Vintage barRustic bar: Collect fruit boxes from any near farm and simply build your rustic bar. These boxes are very cheap and have a very versatile usage; you can build as much storage as you need without looking clumsy.

Rustic bar

However, these design creative home bar ideas are not the only ones, you can always search more for whatever design you want and build your own little corner of the oasis.