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You may have a lot of guy friends, but one girl best friend manages to score more than them. The guy friends pretend to know you, but she really knows you. No one can take her place not even your girlfriend. Those guys who say male friends are better have not been lucky enough to have a girl best friend! You need a girl best friend to open up, tell your secrets and have real fun. Here are 13 reasons why every guy needs a girl Best friend:

  1. You can talk emotions

You can talk emotions

Try talking about emotions with a guy friend and you will realize how important it is to have a girl best friend. You can share your secrets without having to worry that she is out judging you. She knows you so well that you don’t hesitate before expressing your emotions. Try doing that with a guy friend and you will immediately be tagged as a wuss.

  1. Relationship Tutor

Relationship tutor

She is the GO-TO Person when you need help to take your relationship one step further. She will have tens of handy advice such as, ‘take her to this restaurant’ or ‘gift her this dress’ or something.

  1. Your Style guide

Style guide

You would not look half a good on your date or cousin’s wedding or friends wedding or graduation party if would not have styled you.

  1. Ease the shopping odyssey

Shopping is made fun

For most guys shopping is no less than the rocket science. Thanks to your girl best friends, it is child’s play. She will help you pick the best that suits you and your budget.Right from shopping for Mom or your girlfriend, all you need to do is pay and Tada! The gift is ready. In most cases she emerges as the knight in shining armor.

  1. Nobody understands you better

Nobody understands you better

She understands you better than anyone else. She will cheer you up when you feel low and bring you back to your senses when you feel overconfident.

  1. She is always right

She is always right

Admit it or not, you know that she is always right! Her advice is priceless. It is her advice that has brought you out of your so many woes. She knows you inside out and know what is best for you.

  1. Who else would give you the notes

reading notes help

When exams or assignments came knocking, it is only she and her notes that come to your rescue.

  1. The fights are fun with her

Fights are fun

With her the fights are funny and fun. You can argue with her for as long as possible and you know that the friendship will always remain the same.

  1. She can make parents believe how sincere you are

moms friends

Your parents trust her more than you and she is the only one who can make them believe that you are in the class when you are on a movie date.

  1. You can be yourself

You can be yourself

She loves you for who you are! You can simply be yourself around her and not worry about being judged. She will always be standing beside you. She offers you constant support. You don’t have to worry about pulling the chair or opening the door. You can call her by any ridiculous name and you know she will not mind.

  1. Late night conversations

Phone conversations

Check your phone history or chat history, you will find that you had so many late night conversations that you cannot even imagine. There is nobody other than her with whom you can talk about your life to favorite movie to your favorite TV show.

  1. Ensure that you follow basic hygiene

personal hygiene

As guys are averse to hygiene as much as KRK is to logic, the girl best friend makes it sure that you at least maintain the basic hygiene level.

  1. Of course you get to meet her cool girlfriends

cool girl friends

Cute and nice girls are usually friends with other nice and cute girls. You get the chance to meet all the girlfriends or your best girlfriend and obviously FLIRT!