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The series of Dark Souls is known to be unforgiving and hardcore. And Dark Soul III also lives to the marketing slogan of the series, “Prepare to Die.”

After seeing the game, it is not difficult to make out why the creators Miyazaki and Hidetaka said, it might be the last game of the series. The Dark Souls III is a stunning world in ruins, and there are many tough enemies to tackle and kill. In the dangerous world of undead villages, prisons, and swamps, each milestone is a victory. Compelling and challenging this series continues the impression created by the earlier two series.


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The game takes the protagonist ‘Unkindled Ash’ on a journey to collect four souls of the Lords of Cinder. To restore humanity to the world, you need to kill them and return their souls to the throne. Like other series, Dark Soul III plot compels you to slay the monstrosities that range from undead trees to giants. As soon as you start playing the game, there is a sense of familiarity that sets in instantly thanks to the fantastic art direction and frayed setting. The creature plays as per your expectations and helps you adapt.

All in all, the gameplay falls between the staccato rhythm of other Souls and blistering pace of Bloodborne. At every corner, you have a sense of unfolding events.


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This game takes you to a plummet of places, places that we don’t belong to. It is a game of valleys and peaks, through the dungeon and over the castle walls. On the way, we fight out our way through the darkness. The landscape is both dangerous and beautiful.


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There is little room for errors, and the game is all about accepting two extremes- a reward of breaking through it and the recurring defeat. The combat is pretty fast and you can easily side-step each blow with great ease. The use of the shield to block the attack is also crucial for the game as it is not possible to reclaim health by merely attacking the opponent. It makes the game more refined than other in the series.

To level up the character stats, quality of the weapons and health-imbuing flask at first seems challenging. But returning to the Firelink Shrine hub world becomes easier by recruiting helpful companions and set the camp at the base, getting the grant for essential items and buffs throughout the playthrough. There is a sense of discovery, with apparently safe routes often revealing themselves to be alleyway to substantial undiscovered locations.

Along the playthrough, there are subtle stories to tell. On the Road of Sacrifices, the enemies behave defensively, that is they attack only if you attach them. Among the rafters of Cathedral of the Deep the giants bow their heads in exhaustion

There is a sense of mystery that prevails in the gloomy world of Dark Souls III. It is impressive how the game strikes a balance between guidance and exploration. The level designing encourages the players to wander without losing the focus. This game doesn’t teach you new skills; rather it forces you to forget the ones you have already learned.


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The dual-wielding weapon gives you access to the new kind of attack. It allows you to use the bow like the sniper rifle. You can zoom in the target or let a longsword carry out a strike to destroy the opponents shield.

The weapon art uses both the focus point and stamina bar that is the substitute for the fixed number of times you can cast the magic. However, stamina will regenerate after a while; focus point doesn’t regenerate. Thus, it is crucial to consider before you unleash a critical hit. It adds a strategy dimension in the whole process.


There is a welcoming density of the enemies in the Dark Souls III world. Right from the host of characters that have their mission lines to boisterous mobs of atrocity to ensure your demise, there is a lot that goes on in the game. Each section of the game has several routes, verticality and shortcuts and the game is beautifully and intricately layered.

There are enemies who by merely looking at you can reduce your health temporarily. They reduce your energy levels considerably that even a blocked hit can kill you.


Along the playthrough grotesque obstacles come your way.  Some of them are:

  1. Hulking Giants
  2. Ancient knights
  3. Feral dogs
  4. Suicidal monks

Each threat has a unique quality, and the danger is always lurking at the corner. In the long run, while playing the game, you need to remember that patience is the key to survival.

The combats vary from frantic fights to measured duels. But it manages to keep the things fair. You may be underpowered or outnumbered, but defeat is only because of your fault.

Background Score

The background score adds to the gaming experience. When you encounter the first boss- massive in size with impressive weapons, you feel intimidated. It is then you hear the sound of the orchestra that motivates you and remind you that you are the protagonist.


Bottom line, it is a well-conceived game that will leave gamers hooked to it for a while. Dark Souls III is a beautiful adventure that will surely impress the gamers.

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