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Host A Perfect Girls Tea Party, womansaga

Are you planning a girlfriend get together and want to do something unique? How about hosting a tea party? Hosting a tea party is a perfect London tradition that is still popular because of its etiquette and class. But with time it has been revolutionized with a touch of modernity, yet its style remains untouched. Here are some ideas to host a perfect girls tea party either at home or at some tea shop London:

  1. Setting the scene: For a girlfriend tea party spread a floral table cloth to lighten up the mood. Also, if possible add a bunting to pep-up the whole look of the venue. This is a great way to make the place look warm and inviting.
  2. Arrival drinks: Ensure that milk and sugar is set on the table and ready to pour in the cup as the guests settle down. It is best to provide a variety of tea like green tea, black tea, earl grey tea, peppermint tea, camomile tea and fruit tea. But if you are hosting the party in the warm season, don’t forget to add the iced tea to your menu. Consider adding the strawberry tea if you can get hold of fresh strawberries. You can easily get various types of teas from tea shops in the UK.
  3. The spread: There aren’t any rules when it comes to the spread of food, but for a standard afternoon tea it is best to include layer sandwiches and cakes. Though, you can even include petites fours, pastries and biscuits. Try and use fresh and seasonal fruits, herbs and edible flowers to enliven your menu. If you don’t want to cook these items, then you can even order them from tea shops in London.
  4. Party games: There is nothing more fun than playing games with your girl gang. One such game is to decorate the hat with little tidbits that you keep on the table. Or you can ask the girls to get one photograph of their childhood and mix them up and then ask ladies to guess who is who. This game will surely be lots of fun.

You can even host a bridal shower tea party or a baby shower tea party and accordingly change the menu and decorations. These little tips to host a perfect girls tea party will help you please the guests.