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Top 13 Funny Things Particular To NRIs, womansaga

It is not uncommon for every Indian family to have an NRI relative. There is no need to prove that these NRIs, have been extremely successful in creating a place for themselves in a foreign land. Living in a foreign land has brought a great change in their mannerism and attitude. A large part of the NRI group still connects to India and carry the Indian identity with élan, while for some, being an NRI brings an automatic sense of superiority. Their mannerism and attitude which can range from being silly to overt makes them a case to talk about. If you have an NRI relative, you will surely be able to relate to these top 13 funny things particular to NRIs:

  1. My health is my priority. I just can’t drink normal water or eat at roadside dhabas as they are unhygienic. I may fret if I don’t get my bottle of mineral water or diet coke.
  2. I can’t drop my accent. I have got this accent after years of struggling in English. I can’t drop that and speak in Hindi/Punjabi. Even if I do, it is going to be accented, however long I plan to stay in India.
  3. Can you pass me some Yogurt (curd) or Cookies (biscuits)? Some of the other replaced words are Wassap! (Hi), Yep (Yes), Nope (No) Cab (taxi), Ticket (Challan/fine), Miles (kilometers), Pounds/Lbs (kilograms/grams), Zee (z), Millions(Lakhs) and Oh (zero).
  4. I don’t have the patience to watch a day-long cricket game. I love soccer and NBA, games with much more passion and excitement.
  5. Indian food is so spicy. How can you people eat so hot food? While back at home, they might just eat the food that is as spicy as this.
  6. I would need a toilet roll in my bag wherever I go. How can people do without paper?
  7. How can a cow or a stray dog roam on the road just like this? Am I still in a village?
  8. I like to pay all my bills through credit cards. Will the roadside vendor accept my international credit card?
  9. No one can improve the condition of roads in India. Not even GOD!
  10. The air is so polluted here. I just can’t breathe. I must cover my nose as this pungent smell is getting into my head.
  11. India was undeveloped when I left it, it is still the same. I can’t see any major development over these many years.
  12. I don’t have plans to settle in a foreign land. I will definitely get myself a farm here and relax after my retirement.
  13. They have a passion for brands all of a sudden and can’t even pronounce Guerlain or Gucci or Givenchy.

Apart from these 13 things, there are several more things that are characteristic to NRIs. If you have an NRI relative who has a particular characteristic not present in this list, let us know in the comments section.