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A handbag has the power to either make or break a look! Like your zodiac sign or date of birth tell a lot about your personality, so does your choice of handbag. The kind of bag you carry say a lot about the kind of person you are. Everybody has their own favorite bags and what you choose says a lot about what you do and who you are.

Tote Bag

You are always prepared for anything that comes your way. This is why you need a bag that is large enough to carry all the stuff you need. You are the go-to person if somebody needs a band-aid, aspirin, sanitizer or any other stuff. You hate being stuck without something and is a great planner.

On the other you are fun and under-chilled-out to hang out with. You are not fussy and adapt easily to the change. Your positive attitude and simplicity make you popular among your friends.


Golden Leatherite Tote Bag (699)

Turquoise RishteyBags Tote (479)

Navy Blue Kanvas Katha Tote (239)

Kanvas Katha  Grey Shopping Bag (239)

Messenger Bag

You like to be on the go all the time. You are easy-going and love to throw your important stuff in the bag. You are a free-spirited girl who loves to deal with the situation as it comes.

messenger bags

Bike printed messenger bag (1950)

Ethnic print messenger bag (1299)

Yellow leatherette messenger bag (2790)

Flapover messenger bag  (999)


Crossbody bag                   

You know exactly what you need. You need not carry the size of the tote as you can easily carry all your essentials like lip gloss, phone, keys and wallet in the crossbody bag. You know your own mind and hate carrying around unnecessary things.  In short you are dependable, smart and practical.


Trendy navy blue crossbody bag with pink triangular prints flap (1499)

Green crossbody bag with a peach metal buckle (1949)

Chic green crossbody leather bag (4500)

Medium Blue Lockit Flap Crossbody (900)


The clutch

You epitomize class and elegance. You like things to be clean and simple. By holding a clutch, you feel empowered and as you walk you draw attention. All you like to carry is your favorite gloss, credit card, and phone. You know how to leave an impression and maintain a long lasting relationship with people.


Lemon Clutch Miss Selfridge (1400)

Pink Clutch Van Heusen (1797)

Do Bhai Women Party Gold Non-Leather Clutch (349)

Butterflies Women Casual, Party Multicolor PU Clutch (699)



You love adventure, are super active and love to travel a lot. For you, the journey is more important than the destination as you love adventure and trying new things.  As you are always on the move, you need a bag big enough to hold a lot of your stuff. You like to be prepared for all the situations and not ready to compromise on your comfort.


Floral canvas backpack (1000)

Skull it backpack (849)

Aztec print backpack (899)

Yellow faux leather backpack (2499)



You are fashionable and independent. You like to carry a bit of sassy attitude as you are confident that you will manage it. Sophistication marks your personality and you have an eye or details. For your quality is more important than quantity. It will not be wrong to call you a perfectionist!


White structured plain handbag (1499)

Navy Blue Topos Marinero Topitos Handbag (1400)

Red Diana Korr Hand-Held Bag (1380)

Tan-02 Diana Korr Hand-Held Bag (1390)



To you life is only about adventure. You are practical, explorer by nature and fiercely independent. You have a go-getter attitude and extremely organized to maintain a balance in personal and professional life. You  enjoy doing things alone. You generally, like keeping it to yourself and interact with people that interest you only.


Orange Stuctured Satchel Bag by Miss Bennett London (1260)

White Stuctured Satchel Bag by Miss Bennett London (1260)

Light Blue Large Plait Satchel Bag (1560)

Pink and white satchel bag (1200)


The Bohemian Hobo

You are an easy going girl and love to mingle with people. For you, comfort  is more important than style. You have an open-minded approach to life and always ready to learn new things. Your cheerful personality attracts people towards you. You are inspirational and confident.

The Bohemian Hobo

Striped monochrome canvas hobo bag (899)

Mister Maker Boho Ikat 7 L Medium Backpack (999)

Shaun Design Women, Girls Blue Canvas Sling Bag (1400)

Mustard leather hobo bag (3099)


You like to set your own rules and has your own take on fashion. You are intelligent, witty, has charisma and full of humor. It takes you time to gel with people, but once you are comfortable, you make a strong bond.


Blue & mustard colorblocked wallet (1025)

Crochet Metal Bar Small Coral Wallet (395)

Milly Zip Edge Small Soft Yellow Wallet (790)

Floral Bar Top Wallet (500)


The Bowling bag

You are extremely structured and prefer to plan ahead and have a more organized day. For you, if it is not in your diary or calendar,  it doesn’t seem to exist. Also, you are a no-nonsense woman and has a strong personality.

Bowling Bag

Cream Miss Bennett London Bowling Bag (1899)

Solid yellow leatherette bowling bag (2290)

Orange Juna Bowling Bag (2300)

Beige Ella Bowling Bag (2500)

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