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8 Typical British Etiquettes

Each culture has its unique characteristics. India has a rich culture, Spain has bull fights, USA has baseball and Britain has milky tea and hob-nobs. By closely observing a number of British people, it will not be wrong to say that we can clearly identify feelings and thoughts that are common to them. They are no less than a part of the collective psyche of the nation. Wondering what these are? Read below to know 8 Typical British Etiquettes:

  1. Apologizing and Thank-you: Apologizing and saying thank-you makes about 50% of the conversations in the UK. People love to apologize for the things even though it is not their fault. “Waiter, I am sorry, I am sorry, the Minestrone soup served is ice cold.”
  2. No matter how hungry I am, I will still politely refuse: A gesture of politely refusing is what British people truly excel at. More so, when we don’t know the person well. Out of habit, people will say, “no thanks” before they have thought about the true answer. And the rest of the time, is spent regretting about the missed opportunity.
  3. The tone gets posher when talking to foreign people: This affects almost all of us and we don’t even realize it most of the time. People with regional and non-southern accents are more prone to it.
  4. Men don’t drink wine in pubs: A man might spend all the evening drinking wine at home, but when at pub men can’t order wine. He has to either drink spirit or pint. In case you order wine at the pub, you will be instantly labeled as weird or foreign.
  5. If it is sunny, it is barbecue weather: No matter how cold it is, in case it is sunny it is a weather for a barbecue. You can easily smell the grilling and charcoal meat just walking around the street on the sunny day, even though the temperature is seven degrees. The British people believe in making the most of it- ‘The summers are here’.
  6. I don’t believe in superstitions: British people believe that they are very civilized and rational. But the truth is that only few are able to resist a superstition. You will still find people believing in avoid passing under the ladders, no shoes on the table and crossing fingers.
  7. OMG! You take sugar in your tea: We all know that there is no other drink than tea that dictates the social standing and etiquette. Most people in Britain think that sugar in tea is meant for the workers of Britain and other common classes. No matter, how much you love sugar in the tea, think before you ask for it!
  8. One-to-one confrontation is a no-no: British people hate one-to-one confrontation. Beside a few tuts or at the maximum a stern look is what you can expect from the Britishers. No matter, how rude or insensitive the other person behaves in the bus, they will just stew to a mild simmer.