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Happy Easter, womansaga

Every holiday is an opportunity to celebrate life, family and friends and, also, to eat and enjoy homemade and tasty food. I like to see it that way: holidays are occasions to have a good time with our loved ones. As important as that, it is also an opportunity to learn something about life and tradition, as there is meaning in each celebration. There is a reason why we celebrate something at a certain moment of the year. Each celebration has its own essence, its own meaning, and its own message.

This is the time of the year when everything starts over: from an astronomical point of view, it is when the March equinox takes place and, thus, Spring starts in one hemisphere and Fall in the other: plants change their leaves and animals change their fur. To astrologists, our planet is influenced by the energizing and strong sign of Aries, which represents the inception of things and propels the changes. In the Jewish faith, it is Passover time, the celebration of freedom, the moment when the Jewish people freed themselves from slavery, both in their everyday lives and in their hearts. And for Christians, it is Easter time, the celebration of resurrection, the miracle of life after death, the possibility reinventing ourselves and rising again in spite of everything. This is the season of change.  Now that you know about tradition of easter, how are you preparing for it? How are you planning to celebrate?

Easter Celebrations

Easter is a very popular and important holiday in many parts of the Western world. There are celebrations for the Christian followers and for people in general as well. Religious people attend special services in church and read passages from the Bible with their families. Wednesday of Ashes, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday are important days during the Easter holiday.

People in general celebrate Easter their own way. Some take the opportunity to take some days off work and travel for a couple of days. It is a good season for the tourism industry and for regional economies too. Some others stay at home and meet with family and friends , just because government offices and stores are closed during Easter.

In the USA, there are some interesting Easter traditions: the Easter egg hunt, which involves someone hiding pieces of candy inside plastic eggs in a house, or constrained area, and children and teenagers having to look for them. It is such a popular celebration that every year, the Easter Egg Hunt at the White House takes place and it is shown on TV.

The Easter Bunny is also an important character during the Easter season. This funny animal appears in promotional advertising campaigns in the media. In real life, someone disguises as a big rabbit and delivers candy and Easter eggs to children. The Easter bunny is in charge of giving happiness to them.

Some Traditional Easter Food around the World.

The most famous and significant Easter candy is the Easter chocolate egg. Eggs have the form of a circle, so they represent continuity, the circle of life and fertility as well. Chocolate factories sell different Easter eggs sizes with different chocolate flavors, with colorful and beautiful packaging. Some Easter eggs come with toys inside for children.

In Argentina, people bake or buy Easter roscas; sweet pastries with the shape of large donuts. In the USA, Hot Cross Buns are popular. They were originally created by ancient Anglo-Saxons who prepared small wheat cakes to celebrate spring and to pay tribute to Easter, the Spring time goddess. This dish was then incorporated in the Christian tradition. The Russians prepare pashkas, the Italians, colombas di pasqua, the Greeks, tsourekis, among others. In addition, pretzels are sold, as they represent the torso of a person with arms folded and praying.

Easter gifts

This season is  also an excellent opportunity to buy gifts for the loved ones. You can find some good ideas here. Take your pick!

For children, there is plenty to choose from: books with Easter tales, toys, stuffed bunnies, play doh eggs, chocolate carrots, etc.

For women, there are different options: for those who like cooking, a cook book with Easter recipes would be a good idea, together with some cooking tools and a good bottle of wine. A flower bouquet would be nice. These Top Easter Gift Basket Ideas will surely help you pick the right gift for your loved ones.

For men, here are some ideas you can get: a good Sunday brunch, Easter sweet baskets, chocolate truffle-filled eggs, among others.

Enjoy the season holidays and celebrate life!! After all, that is what it is about!! Enjoy with your loved ones and have a great time!! Happy Holidays!! Happy Life!

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