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Create Your Own Meditation Space, womansaga

Finally, if you have decided to add meditation to your daily routine or take out some ‘Me Time’, then to keep yourself motivated it is very important to create a sacred space in your home that is comfortable and pleasing. It is best to design the meditation space that is not complex. You can easily transform a small corner into a tranquil space without spending a fortune. Here are a few tips to create your own meditation space:

  1. Comfortable seating: This is the most important element. There is a gamut of seating options to choose from right from the traditional zafu to chaise lounge. Though, you can even keep a rocking chair in the meditation space. But ensure that the seating is plush and in texture and colors that soothes you.
  2. Plants: There is no doubt that being close to plants and nature has a soothing and calming effect. It is a great idea to add a glass door or window that gives you the outdoor view of your garden. If that is not possible, add some plants and fresh flowers to your meditation space.
  3. Relaxing fragrance: Fragrance has the power to put you at ease and therefore it is best to use incense sticks or aromatherapy oils. You can even use scented candles as they also create a calming and peaceful environment that instantly put the mind to rest.
  4. Calming objects: Calming and spiritual objects are not mere decorations. They have a calming effect on your mind. Keep these on the table or bookcase so that you can see them easily.
  5. Tranquil sound: Undoubtedly, the personal meditation space should be quiet. But if that is not the case, it is suggested to mask the unwanted and external noises. You can add a small water fountain or soft music on the CD player.
  6. Soothing colors: When designing the meditation space, it is extremely important to choose the textures and colors. Pick the colors that bring you tranquility and colors. Lighter shades make the room open up, whereas darker shades make the room look cozy. Don’t pick the textures or colors that are too provocative.

With these few tips you will be able to design a space that is perfect for meditation and let loose your everyday worries.