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Top 4 Bathroom Renovations Ideas, womansaga

Being the most trafficked room in the home, the bathroom is subjected to wear and tear and this results in the dirty and sad look. Most people tend to ignore the remodel project of bathroom as they see it as a private retreat. But with the change in scenario bathroom remodeling is now becoming popular as bathroom is now considered to be an extension of the house.

If you are also planning to engage a professional for cheap bathroom renovations expert, read below to know the four bathroom remodeling ideas that will help you revive the look of the bathroom:

  1. A fresh coat of paint: A simple, fresh coat of paint can help you upgrade the bathroom and create a whole new look. You can choose between the soft and bold colors, keeping your personal taste in mind.
  2. Replace old cabinets: Design the cabinets that are space efficient and provide the storage you need. Prefer the pull out shelves to store your toiletries to keep all your bathroom items easy to find. Try and use the unused space such as the gap between the wall and vanity or above the toilet at a height.
  3. Modern fixtures: Do you hate to enter a bathroom that is wet? Then one of the best alternatives is to install frameless shower enclosures. It adds a contemporary look to your bathroom. You can find these showers in a range of designer shapes like a pentagon, Turin Curved Quadrant shower enclosure and sliding shower enclosures. Each can be found in a range of materials and textures to choose from keeping the overall aesthetics of bathroom in mind.
  4. Right lighting: No bathroom remodeling project is complete without the four types of light needed for the right bathroom atmosphere, namely, accent, sparkle, task and decorative. While deciding on the lighting, avoid adding a light above the mirror. A well-lit bathroom not only looks bigger, but also its functionality increases.

Just these four bathroom remodeling ideas will transform the boring bathroom design into a bold and interesting one and make it look like a part of the interior of the home.

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