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12 Things Moms Of Teen GIRLS Must Know, womansaga

Teenage is nothing less than a roller coaster ride. You have ups and downs, highs and lows. This age is even more demanding if you are a girl! You experience a rush of hormones, which affect your emotions. As days pass you get more acquainted with your own body. All this, if mishandled, can be catastrophic.

Teenage is the time when girls need their moms the most. The mothers can make or break their child in this age. After all, it is this age when their girlie yearns for care, attention and much more. So mothers should try to know their girls in and out, which will help them to understand the young girls better.

Here are some of the tips that will help the moms, to understand their teen girls better. The below mentioned points should be known by every mom of a teen girl.

  1. Social Bee

Social bee, girl on the phone

The girls of this age prefer to be social. They just crave for attention. Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, all these social applications will keep your girl busy and hardly she get any time to talk with you. So if your girl is glued to her phone 24 x 7, relax and breathe. It’s normal! It is normal for teenage girls to be either sleeping or talking to their friends.

  1. One minute she is a girl and next a young woman


One minute she is a girl and next a young woman giphy (2)As a mom you really need to know who is in the real control of the body at the minute- the girl who can’t stop seeing the minions or the young women running up and down the fashion store looking for a dress or her favorite lip gloss shade. The helpful and nice daughter who helped you clean the table after the dinner can really transfer into a nasty girl on being asked what you are wearing.

  1. Impressive mood swings


giphy (3)

You will be surprised to see how the mood swings often within the same conversations. From the crying and weepy tears into the murderous anger at a family member of friend, she can really confuse you with her mood swings. Learn to deal with it or else it will become difficult for you.

  1. Daddy’s Little Princess: Always!

Daddy’s Little Princess: Always, womansaga

The relationship of a daughter and father is an amazing one. No matter how old a daughter gets, she would always want to stay her daddy’s little princess. So even if she is eighteen and you think she is a big girl. Whoa! Wait! You are wrong. She is and will always be her daddy’s little princess.

  1. Stop trying to fix things for your daughter

Stop trying to fix things for your daughter

Being a mom, you believe that you can fix everything. Being protective and nurturing is at your core, but even the best of coaches don’t say a word during the game. The idea is to teach your daughter to make smart choices and not go through life telling them what is to be done.

  1. Music Freak

Music freak girl

Whenever she is at home, you will find her earphones plugged in and speakers on. Teenage girls are usually music freaks and do not like anyone to disturb them while they are listening to music. Hence, interrupting them might not be that great an idea.

  1. The messier the room, the happier she is!

The messier the room, the happier she is

Well, it’s sad, but it’s true. The teenage girls love to stay messy for no reason at all. So you might find clothes on the floor and chocolate wrappers hidden under the bed. But hey, it’s pretty normal. Best would be to not get mad over her. Rather make her understand the benefits of a clean room, like she can get whatever she wants on time if her room is clean.

  1. She spends more time in the bathroom than any other member of the house

She spends more time in the bathroom than any other member of the house, womansaga

What do you do there for such a long time? Ask this question at your own risk, as this might make your girl go mad over you.  Well, they deck up nicely in the bathroom and then come out. They wear make – up and dress up themselves, which obviously takes time. It’s not just bathing for them in the bathroom.

  1. She has her own language! LOL!

She has her own language! LOL!

Generally a teen girl uses such language which is not easily understood by their moms. Words such as LOL, ROFL, YOLO, ASAP, TTYL etc. are common among the teenagers. So rather than being ignorant about such words it is better that you get acquainted with them! After all, there is no harm is being COOL.

  1. A shut bedroom door, can never be opened by you

A shut bedroom door, can never be opened by you

You might want the entire family to sit and eat together, but your girlie might not like this idea very much. Teen girls want their privacy. It is like a jewel for them, which they want to wear whenever they want.  Now, if you force them to come out, you surely will end up in having a fight with her. It is better to respect her privacy and let her be comfortable in her room itself.

  1. Fashionable to the core

Fashionable to the core

Fashion is what your girl worships. She will always remain updated with what is in trend now-a-days. She will wear high heels, crop tops, short skirts, etc. Also, her hairstyle will be not a simple one. You will always find her in front of the mirror trying one outfit after the after.

  1. No comparison with other girls. Please.

No comparison with other girls. Please.

Not all daughters are same. Whenever you compare her with another girl, you are jeopardizing your relationship. Every teen girl feels that she is unique in her own way and thus, loathes being compared to other girls. Teenager girls hate to be stereotyped,  and so does everybody.

Building a strong relationship with a teenage girl is not a cake – walk. But it is not that difficult as well. Just decipher the above mentioned points and you will go a long way. Happy bonding with your daughter!

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