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Angels are co-creators  in Union with the Source, God or any  Energy form.

Born with them you are Beloved, Blessed and Protected by them “Your GUARDIAN ANGELS.”

As the Angelic Realm respects our individuality,  It is one of the law laid on them to respect the privacy of the  BEING and they do that just by being patient and asking you to receive their help by Asking them what  you desire and believing  in them that  they are working for you.

Patience is the key while working with the angels as sometimes what you may ask for might be ____________ and you deserve much more than that or you need to look around and learn from yourself and your experience. Just be patient and allow the Angelic Realm to help you.

Angels & Guardian Angels are creator of Universal energy to help you achieve what you desire by helping you to be a clear channel of communication between God & you. Your Guardian Angels are blessed to connect you to your goal or desire by allowing you to be specific and very clear in what you wish to achieve. Your Guardian Angels are co-creators and also ask u to be clear in your communication as for what do you need assistance for………..

Year after year they protect us and only intervene when there is an emergency and it is a question  of our life and death. Your Guardian Angel is always with U and requesting U to invite them in every area of your life as they are created to be by your side every minute and even right now they are asking U to allow them to work for you and only u and your near n dear once.

The Simple and Easy  statements to call upon your Guardian Angels
I ASK YOUR ASSISTANCE FOR (state you issue or problem)

Call upon Your Guardian Angels they are waiting for You.
Be Blessed always.


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