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The Hema Malini Accident: Some Unanswered Questions, womansaga

Before the Dausa accident gets lost in the history of time, the outlandish incident needs some contemplation and soul – searching.

Why I am calling the incident outlandish is more than obvious. Of course, the accident proved fatal for a two – year old. But the other and the more important reason is the ridiculous arguments presented by the media who is doing nothing but dramatizing the whole incident.

It was the night of July 2, 2015 when a head-on collision took place between the Mercedez Benz of Hema Malini, the star politician of BJP, and the Maruti Alto of the Khandelwal family on the Jaipur – Agra expressway, near Dausa. The collision was so fierce that the sedan got serious damages while the Alto got completely crushed. Everyone got serious injuries and a two – year old girl, Chinni, gave in to her injuries.

As usual the news spread like a fire. While the opposition got an excuse to target the actress turned politician, Malini; some rational people gave her the benefit of doubt.

But the case took a three sixty degree turn when Malini broke her silence and tweeted, “My heart goes out to the child who unnecessarily lost her life and the family members who have been injured in the accident. How I wish the girl’s father had followed the traffic rules – then this accident could have been averted & the Lil one’s life safe!”

As soon as Malini tweeted, media left no stone unturned in maligning her image. Callous, unsympathetic, bitter, irresponsible, “Seeta turned Geeta” were some of the phrases used against her.

When Mark Antony, in the play of Julius Caesar, showed the world how stupid was the mob which could get swayed away easily, he couldn’t have been more correct. This is what exactly happened in the Dausa accident.

The mob, the Indian masses, got swayed away easily by the media and an opinion of ‘a hostile Malini’ was formed.

I agree that her choice of words was not good. Or rather her only fault was that she wasn’t being ‘diplomatic’. She was traumatized to an extent that she let her heart out in the open.

While Malini received immense criticism on her tweet, the father of the deceased made some points which are worth looking into.

One, the father has accused Hema Malini of being completely cold towards the child. Quoting him, “My daughter was flung on the road, according to eye witnesses. She could have helped my child at least. Anyone could have taken pity on a two-year-old child, she could have taken my daughter with her.”

Two, while Malini received immediate first aid and was taken to the Fortis Hospital for surgery, the Khandelwal’s had to wait when they were carried to the nearest government hospital.

So Mr. Hanuman Khandelwal has raised some serious points about the lavish treatment of VIPs in India, it seems all these arguments have been falling on the professionally charged ears of our deaf media. ‘Cause it is still stuck upon, how can Malini tweet what she tweeted. Duh!

A plain question: Why can’t she?

The Right to freedom of expressions applies to all the Indians, irrespective of their VIP or non – VIP status. Moreover, if she is so open about the father speeding up, it might as well be the truth.

And to the media who only loves sky – rocketing TRPs: do you know that each day in our country witnesses hundreds of similar accidents? Why aren’t they reported with the same zeal and fervor? If you are just after the money, then I am sorry you are not at all serving the society. TRP stress is leading to your complete mess. It’s high time you set your priorities straight and get out of the clamor of getting TRPs.

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