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Top 5 Unusual Jobs That You Must Think About

According to a recent survey, almost 90% of the workforce is stuck in a mundane work routine. Every employee wants a job that allows him the flexibility and the freedom not to mention the money. Have you ever though that you can earn just by tasting ice cream or even shopping. Well, there are people who do so. Won’t you love to know, what these jobs are. Read on to know the top 5 unusual jobs that people dream of:

  1. Ice cream taster: If you love ice cream, then this is just the perfect job for you. All you need is a degree in food science or nutrition, and you are ready to apply for this job. Work closely with the chefs and help them brainstorm new flavors and concepts of ice cream. Don’t forget to take around $60,000 for this job. Sound too creamy. Isn’t it?
  2. Embalmer: You must need to know who an embalmer is, before getting interested in his job. They are, in fact, those people who take care of your loved ones after they have passed away and get them ready for the funeral. Their job also involves the makeup, styling and sanitizing the dead bodies. You surely need guts to take up this job.
  3. Part model: You might not have got the looks, but you can still earn from modeling. All you need is to be blessed with a beautiful body part like hair, hands, feet or even ears and you can earn up to $60,000 per year. Part modeling is getting very popular these days as products like shoes, foot cream, cosmetics or watches focus on a particular part of the body.
  4. Voice artist: If you have a voice that is not only assertive, but also touch the heart, then you should surely try this industry. Voice modulation and interpretation are some of the aspects that are of much importance in this field. If you can do this, you can easily earn over $350 for a few minutes of voice over.
  5. Mystery shopping: Who can dream of earning while shopping? Well, this is one job that allows you to do so. Brands all over the world have put a step forward in making themselves pleasurable for their customers and providing them best customer support. For this, they hire mystery shoppers. Their task is to visit the prescribed store, make a purchase, observe and rate the store on a few parameters and report back to the company. They get paid not just for their report, but also get reimbursed for the purchase made by them.

The list of unusual jobs doesn’t come to an end here. In fact, there are many more such jobs that are available in the market. All you need is to keep looking for the opportunity and grab it.

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