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Understanting the Suit of Wands Tarot Cards

If you get the wands cards during the reading, it is a sure shot sign that you want to do something exciting and daring.  Many a times when you need a definitive answer on something, that is when these cards show up in your spread.

Wands are meant to indicate the energy of progress and flow, advancement and improvement, and creation of something new.  Wands represent concepts, designs, development, and progress.

When the wands card turns up in your reading, it generally means you need to make a decision to something right away, or to completely start fresh.  Wands are influential and  intense cards that can influence you into making a major change, whether that be in your career, love life, or tell you to slow down when you are moving speedily.  But no matter what, you won’t be able to just sit idly by on your hands and watch life go by if you get the wands card, you will have to do something!

Tarot wands are associated with fire.  Fire is associated with intuitions.  It is also associated with being very passionate about things.  Creativity is also a big factor in fire signs.  Not only this, it is even associated with the zodiac signs of Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo.

For instance, some of the Suit of Wands Tarot Cards and their meaning are explained below:

  1. The 2 of Wands means to look at your situations with moderation self-control.You need time to really look at the situation before making a decision.
  2. The 6 of Wands represents a great opportunity and moments of triumph and victory.
  3. The 10 of Wands you begin to realize what you have been searching for is really internal, not external.
  4. The Queen of Wands represents your decisions and ability to lead and produce concrete rewards.

Let’s check the same cards from my Shapeshifter tarot deck and see their meaning. In the Shapeshifter tarot Wands are associated with Air not Fire.  Read to know the meaning of Suit of Wands Tarot Cards from Shapelifter tarot cards pack:

  1. The 2 of Air is called Fortune and it says: be open to the opportunities that are coming your way.Balance is coming into your life and you can move from a negative to a positive state.  If you stay self-confident doors will open and new and better things will head your way.
  2. The 6 of Airis called Victory and it says: Recent changes have lead to your success.  You will be able to finally attain those long-term goals you have been trying to reach for.  Career advancement is possible.  This is a time of rejuvenation, take advantage of it.
  3. The Goddess of Air says a balance of past karma is heading your way, both the good and the bad.You need to prepare to get rid of old patterns and make new ones.  This is a time of growth and metamorphosis while you forge into the new path that awaits you.

So they are similar but a little different. And I think that is why I chose my Shapeshifter tarot deck.  It gives you more detailed meaning of the cards themselves.  Let me give you a reading and see what your tarot cards say.


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For me, tarot is a very personal and private way to coversation with my higher self and the higher being that is out there in the universe. It is a way to ask questions and get answers. Although sometimes those answers may not be what we seek or seem to be out of place. It is a very non-traditional pack, although it does still have those aspects to it. It is called the Shapeshifter tarot. Because our lives are ever changing our paths shift, we become new people through metamorphosis all the time, and this deck really spoke to me as a person because of the changes that we all go through all the time.
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