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7 Best Tools For Planning Your Retirement, womansaga

Planning about retirement in your 60’s can be an extreme errand. Regardless of the fact that you are not in your 60’s it is not simple. Well, no more. In here we will be glancing at the 7 best tools for planning your retirement. Unlike the paper words or mind mapping, now-a-days you can just go online and try out some sites or consider using some of the tools provided online. Making arrangements for your future after retirement is essential cause it will lead you to spend your savings wisely and as a result, you’ll have a steady future.

Down given are the online tools to plan your retired life. You may choose any one from the list for yourself.

  1. Yahoo! Finance: Yahoo! Finance offers an online calculator which calculates your age to start your savings with your data entered. You should make the calculator know your current age, retirement age, annual savings, savings growth rate and other basic info. After you click the submit button you will be entrained with a bar diagram showing your results. You can even fetch them in a PDF format.
  2. Principal Financial Group (Retirement Planner): Everyone has some retirement goals, isn’t it? The Principal Financial Group offers a tool online to plan your retirement goals. Overall, you will know whether you have the potential to ‘green tick’ your retirement plans or not. It will positively help to ensure your financial security in the future. You can view your results in a flexible bar diagram.
  3. Vanguard: Vanguard is the site to be browsed if you want to know more about retirement, planning basics or savings. It provides a complete platform to know about the post retirement period. Whether you are saving for your retirement, planning to retire or trying to meet your income needs in retirement you won’t be disappointed by Vanguard.
  4. TD Ameritade: This site is basically for investment plans and offers a way many tools for post-retirement investment. You can moreover choose in-between newbie investor or intermediate one or both. Amazingly, this site is rated as the #1 online broker site.
  5. TIAA CREF (Financial Services For the Greater Good): TIAA CREF provides you with a questionnaire about yourself to fill and lets you know how you may want to allocate your retirement savings. After you submit your form, then it will prompt you your suggested portfolio and suggest you better options to overcome the demerits in your nature.
  6. Social Security (Retirement Calculators): ‘Social Security’ offers calculators like retirement estimator, retirement age calculator, early or late retirement age calculator etc. Just create an account and see the magic! You don’t need to visit any other sites for the same purpose. They offer a variety of services for planning your retirement. Just click on the link below and see for yourself!
  7. Fidelity Retirement Planning: Doesn’t matter whether you are in your 50’s planning for your retirement in the 60s or planning at the last hour for your retirement, Fidelity Retirement Planning is just unforgettable. They ensure the guidance and tools to help you prepare for your retirement based on your own terms.
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