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Top 6 things You should Avoid Overpaying, womansaga

There are several occasions when our budget goes out of gear, however hard we may try to stick to it. You will be surprised to know that, are you are unintentionally overpaying for several things that you shop for. These things can easily go unnoticed by even the smartest of shoppers. Wondering what they are! Here are Top 6 things You should Avoid Overpaying:

  1. Art: Art is almost valueless and this is the only reason that there is no fixed pricing. The seller fixes the price, according to his discretion. The bigger the name of the artist, the higher is the price tag. Go for an expensive art piece only if you are taking it as an investment.images
  2. Air fresheners: You may want to argue that they come as cheap as one dollar and this is not a big deal. But every penny saved is a penny earned. Why not try to get your personal air freshener. All you need is some baking soda and a fabric softener. Take an empty bottle of your air freshener and fill it with fabric softener and add a few spoons of baking soda.
  3. Pharmacy: Nobody wants to take any risk to his health, but you have to accept the fact that branded medicines are much expensive than generic medicines. So next time, when your doctor prescribes you branded medicines, look straight in his eyes and ask him to prescribe you generic medicines instead.
  4. Cleaning aids: Good housekeeping is every woman’s dream. Shopping malls are full of fancy cleaning products. Next time, avoid picking them and make your own cheaper yet effective version. Mix 2 parts of vinegar with 1 part of your dishwashing soap and get ready for sparkling clean floors, tiles, tubs, and buckets.
  5. Music and movies: A movie and music subscription comes pretty cheap at $10 monthly. What you fail to realize is that $10 monthly adds to $120 in a year. That is surely some amount that you can save. Why not share them with your friends. You can also look for cheaper versions over the internet.download (8)
  6. Online shopping: There is no way an offline store can match the offers of an online store. Look for coupons before you finalize any product.

Even though these steps are small, but it only a first step towards a better financial future. Avoid shopping on impulse and stick to your requirements.

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