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Innovative Gifts For Pets- They Will Surely Love Them, womansaga

Pet lovers are always looking for new ways to shower their love on their pets. If you visit different pet supplies stores looking for new and innovative products for your pooch, but are unable to find something that catches your fancy, here are some innovative gifts for pets that you can choose from:

  1. Hear doggy: Most dog toys are very annoying to human ears. However, hard you try, you can’t throw that annoying toy that your pooch loves. So, why not go for a Hear doggy toy that only your pooch can hear and is completely silent to the human. Amazed! Well, it works on the fact that dogs have a different audible frequency than humans. The toy is tuned to 24-28 KHz frequency in the ultrasonic range.

Doggy hear

  1. Treat maker: If you love to cook and experiment and are always looking for new recipes to treat yourself and your dog, this is the perfect product for you. You can prepare four bone shaped meals all at one time in this treat maker. You can also take it when you go for picnics and can use the ingredients of your choice to create new dish for your pooch.


  1. Doggie water bottle: How about gifting a water bottle to your doggie. Summer walks can be a great fun with a water bottle. Some of the water bottles come with an unscrewable top that become a saucer when needed.

doggie water bottle

  1. Pet tracker: Nothing can be more agonizing than losing your pet. Why not put a tab to check his movement? Get a tracker fitted in his collar and connect it to your phone or computer. This will help you in tracking his location in case he forgets his way to home.


  1. PoopPac: Remember how you felt the last time you were carrying your pet’s waste and you met the girl whom you have always dreamt to date. You were sweating out of nervousness while she ran away due to the stinking waste bag in your hands. Well, try this all new home washable pooPac that comes with a charcoal lining to restrict the odor inside the bag and lightweight plastic bags to carry the waste.


Occasional gifts for your dogs is a perfect way to display your affection towards them. All these innovative gifts for pets will surely please them and keep them happy and healthy.