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How To Buy A Home Media Projector, womansaga

If you are a movie buff, then you would surely love to decorate your home with a media projector for a better viewing experience. It is slowly taking over the expensive plasma and LCD TVs. It is cheaper than most of the expensive flat panels and at the same time can project images of almost the double size. It also gives you options of wide screen projection, high contrast and a number of input ports. But with plenty of options, comes the confusion. The best way to go about buying a projector is to determine what you want out of it and finding the one which fits your criteria. This article will give you an answer to the question How To Buy A Home Media Projector:

  1. Lumens: Lumens is the measure of light perceived by the human eye. Now the measure of lumens depends on the location where you would like to place your projector. The brighter your room is the more lumens you will need. And a dark media room dedicated for the purpose will require fewer lumens as less amount of light will interfere with the picture.
  2. Resolution: There are two basic things we need to know about the resolution. Basically, WVGA and WXGA-H are the two types of resolutions and the difference is that WXGA-H resolution is twice of WVGA with a costlier price tag and a sharper video. So you can go with one of them as per your budget.
  3. Cables: Choosing the correct cable can make a great difference in the video quality. HDMI and DVI cables are capable of transferring high definition video to the projector and display on the screen. These cables give you the experience of the future technology with the best video quality.
  4. Future costs: There are future costs associated with a home projector after its purchase. The lamp of the projector needs to be changed after a use of 2000 to 4000 hours and its replacement cost is quite high. So such future expenses should be kept in mind before buying a home projector.
  5. Try it out: Before you take your projector home, don’t forget to try it out at the store to make sure that this is the one for you. Make sure that you can use it comfortably and know its functioning. By trying it, you will get an idea about the screen of the projector and decide its location.
  6. Reviews: Before you finally take your product out of the store, try to have a look at the reviews about the product on some trusted sites. It makes you aware about what people think about the product and the feedback they give about the working of the product. After seeing all the pros and cons of it, you can finally decide if you want to proceed with the product or keep hunting for more.

Apart from these important points, you could also base your decision on the aspect ratio of 16:9, high contrast and lens shift capability to watch your movies in its full cinematic glory.

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