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10 Very Scary Places to Vacation In Asia, womansaga

If you enjoy traveling, and looking for a creative destination, how about visiting some of Asia’s scariest places? The continent has been embroiled in so much turbulence and turmoil in the past century, that countless stories of haunting, ghoulies, and ghosties, dot its history.

When people see an abandoned hospital or school, they naturally associate it with death and disaster. Add to this mix a rumor or two of ghost sightings and supernatural phenomena, and you get a site that is labeled as “haunted”. Perhaps you can visit some of these scary places in Asia if given a chance:

  1. Tak Tak School, in Hong Kong: This is considered to be the most haunted place in the country. It is an abandoned school that is filled with reports of death and suicide. The ghostly figure of a woman wearing red is often reported. Many cab drivers refused to drive up on the road that leads to this school, which is also surrounded by graves.
  2. Lawang Sewu, in Indonesia: The history of this site is tied to colonial times of the country. Towards the end of the second World War, Indonesian troops fought the Japanese in front of this building. There are numerous reports of people being captured and tortured in the building’s basement.
  3. Chibichiri Caves, in Okinawa: Towards the end of the second World War, many Japanese soldiers were ordered to commit suicide instead of surrendering to U.S. troops. Many committed suicide in numerous caves located throughout Okinawa. Today, skull sculptures can be found in such caves as a memory of these events.
  4. Clark Hospital, in the Philippines: This used to be an American Army Hospital. This site is reportedly visited by numerous ghosts from soldiers who passed away here. In 1991, the hospital was evacuated during the erruption of Mount Pinatubo.
  5. Bagua Building, in Taiwan: This penal colony is located on Green Island, and attracts thousands of visitors each year. It once housed political prisoners. The prison is said to be haunted by those killed during a period of political suppression, dubbed the White Terror.
  6. Yeongdeok, in South Korea: Many myths and stories surround this famous haunted house. Each day, many courageous students travel to the site to gawk at the abandoned building. It is reported that Korean soldiers who died during the second World War are buried on the ground, above which the house is built. There is also a story of young woman who committed suicide after being left by her lover.
  7. Ghost Hill, in Penang Malaysia: This is definitely a fascinating place to visit as it is a war museum on top where a British fort used to be. Weapons and bunkers still remain here, accompanied by bizarre ghost stories. Locals state that the spirit of an officer who who once held public executions, still roams about.
  8. Phra Si Sanphet, Thailand: Nearly five decades ago, a band of robbers committed theft when they took gold from this ancient temple. According to urban legends, these robbers were subsequently cursed and each died gruesome deaths.
  9. Ph Bin American Prison Camp, Vietnam: The tiger cages today on Con Dao islands, were American and French built prisons, where many Vietnamese prisoners were held and tortured.
  10. Tower of Silence, in Diu India: Known as Dakma to Zoroastrians, is a place where they leave their departed, for birds to scavenge. It is quite scary and enough to give chills on merely mention of the name.

For your next trip, make it a scary one by visiting any or all of the places listed above.