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What Does Your Choice Of Pen Say About Your Personality, womansaga

What Does Your Choice Of Pen Say About Your Personality

I am sure the title must have startled you? Most of you would not have thought about it that even the pen that you use tells about you and your personality. It will not be wrong to say that your choice of pen gives away all your  personality secrets. Read below to know What Does Your Choice Of Pen Say About Your Personality:

  1. Ballpoint pens

ballpoint pens

If you use a ballpoint pen, then you are no-nonsense, and practical person. You like to complete the job with no or minimal fuss. Basically, you are okay with any pen that office provides as it really does not matter to you.

  1. Marker Pens

MArker pens

You don’t shy away from any challenge. Just like a bold and big marker, you are proud and loud and don’t shy away acknowledging it. You really think fast and love to throw ideas around. Most of the times at work you are seen with the whiteboard or Flipchart conducting the brainstorming sessions.

  1. Fountain Pens

Fountain pens

Fountain pens suggest that you are old school at heart. In spite of the technological advances, you still prefer to use paper and pen. It will not be wrong to say that you have an eye for detailing and like to get things right. Whenever you are not using the pen, it peeps out from your shirt pocket or jacket pocket as a reminder that all you are interested in business.

  1. Highlighters


If you prefer to use highlighters it means that you are a visual learner and loves to organize things as per your convenience. Highlighting helps you stay focused and ensure that you don’t miss the key points. You hate being late and cannot stand the spelling errors.

  1. Erasable Ink Pens

Erasable Ink Pens

Are you never without an erasable ink pen? It clearly indicates that you a perfectionist and a neat freak. You love to erase and rewrite as people expect you to be perfect and not make any mistake.

  1. Rollerball Pens

roller bal pens

If you like to use the Rollerball pens it means that you like the best of both the world- the inky lines and no fuss tip. You are strong-willed and efficient and never settle for the second best. Often your words and actions match.

  1. Multi-function pens

multipurpose pen

Do you personally like the multi-functional pens? If yes, then the very first trait of your personality is that you hate to sit idle. You always want to be busy and prefer doing multi-tasking. You believe that why keep different pens when you can have them all in one pen. It makes your life a lot easier and pockets lighter.

  1. Novelty Pens

Novelty pens

Are you one of those who love to keep novelty pens? Is your pen stand a mix of a number of novelty pens in different characters, shapes, sizes, and designs? And the pen that you will use on a particular day majorly depends on your mood? This simply indicates that you are fun-loving, easy-going and not ashamed to show your childlike side. You will still have your favorite toy stored carefully in your cupboard and seeing it brings you peace.

Let me know in the comment section, what do you feel about it? Also know what your handbag says about your personality or which shoe personality you are..