Kelly G

Date of Birth

Feb 10, 1987

Expert Bio

I am a Marine Biologist that has recently felt the desire to share my passion for cooking. Through world travels, daring menus, and new flavors I find myself wanting to recreate and at time reproduce the food I fall in love with from every country I have visited. I believe in finding healthy food choices that are not only good for your body but also good for the environment. I enjoy utilizing sustainable, seasonal, and organic ingredients into very delicious meals. I consider myself very healthy with regular yoga, pilates, running, and some light weight training. But I DO NOT skimp on food. I prefer taste over all else. I find that it is amazing what you can do with healthy and simple ingredients. I have recentlly jumped on the organic, make it yourself band wagon and it has been an utter blast. I am recently engaged and living in South Africa with my fiance.