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becoming a mom

When I was in my teens, I thought that having kids and being a parent is just awesome. You have the freedom to do and have everything you want and power over your kids and not to let them do what they want. I envied parent power strongly before I became a mom myself. I wish someone would have warned me how life changes when you become a mom. Don’t worry, this is your warning or advice – parenting is the hardest task ever. Kid’s take over the control of your life, and you will never be able to live as you want.

If you are confused whether to start your family or not, consider these ten factors as becoming a mom will change your life for sure:

  1. Sleepless nights: From the very first day the baby is born, forget about sleeping the nights through. Sleepless nights will follow one another for months and years.

Sleepless nights

  1. Sick or a Day Off: Forget about getting a cold or taking a day off. Your kid will never let you lay down and take your time to recover from cold and flu. You must always be fit to carry on your parental callings.

Suffering with cold

  1. Particular form of PTSD: Hustling newborns’ parents are always in danger of breaking out with a specific form of PTSD. You will hear “Phantom cries” time after time. Meanwhile, your baby is asleep or silent.

Particular form of PTSD

  1. Those Awkward Situations: Very often you will have to sit or stand in very inconvenient and sometimes even awkward positions. Visit a friend one day with your toddler and you will find yourself sitting and guarding all the furniture around, pulling him/her under the table or bed and trying to make them play with the toys. You will not even speak a word with your friend, not will you even be able to enjoy a cup of coffee. Guaranteed!
  2. Kid’s Screwy Demands: Your will have to face your child’s wrong needs, just the very second they ask for it. Specifically the need to go to the bathroom will always arise when you are stuck in a traffic jam on a highway. And that’s after you just drove a mile away from Mc Donald’s where he/she claimed that didn’t need to go to a bathroom.
  3. Risk not to meet the demands: If your kid wants to eat before going to bed or hug dad once again after doing it for ten times, never dare not to let them. You will pay the price of sitting near the bed and reading ten more fairy tales.
  4. How long you will sleep: When to take the kid to bed may be your decision, but how long you will sleep is to their grace. There is nothing much you can do to force the kid to sleep.
  5. Keeping up to baby’s schedule: Make sure to keep at baby’s sleep schedule. Don’t let him/her fall asleep in the car, when you are just a 5-10 min drive from home. But if that happened somehow, don’t get surprised when he or she wakes up just as you step on the doormat.  Also, be sure this 10 min nap is quite enough for them to make the rest of your day a disaster.
  6. Non-stop baby scream: Quite often especially at a younger age, babies can cry non-stop in the car. Some babies just get crazy in the car; this can happen very frequently, and you have to face it. These are the kids whose non-stop scream can eventually put you in home confinement.
  7. Don’t Move – A Sleeping Baby: Very often your baby will fall asleep in such uncomfortable positions for you, that you will witness severe pain and discomfort. Be sure you won’t ever dare to move and stretch from that position risking to wake up the baby, as you know how long it took you to get him/her sleep and how desperately they cried. You will rather gnaw your arm off.

We can still continue with the list. However, the most important are just to accept it as it is – as far as you are a parent of a young child, you’re under the full power of it.