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11 Native American Baby Gifts Parents Will Love, womansaga

Baby shower is the perfect time to give some fun and practical gifts to parents. There are so many tiny and sweet gift ideas in the market, which makes the task even more complicated. One secret tip when buying gifts for newborns is to choose the items that will make Baby’s life comfortable. In short, buying practical goods is the secret to find the right baby gift that parents will love. To make this complicated task easier, here are top 11 native American baby gift ideas that parents will love and will always remember you:

  1. Baby Moccasins Made From Pendleton Wool: Parents will love nothing more than the handmade Baby Moccasins with Pendleton Wool. The moccasins are made from Pendleton’s Pecos blanket-weight fabric. As these moccasins are made from 82% of pure virgin wool and 18% of cotton, you can be rest assured that they are completely safe for the kids.

Baby Moccasins Made From Pendleton Wool, womansaga

  1. Pendleton Baby Blanket: The range of Pendleton baby blankets is quite vast and the designs are quite unique and attractive. Some of the popular designs that the to-be-parents will love are Painted Pony baby blanket, Dream Catcher crib blanket, Raven Sunburst Crib blanket, Sea Wolf crib blanket, big dipper crib blanket, bird song crib blanket, etc.

Pendleton Baby Blanket, womansaga

  1. The Crying Baby Analyzer: believe it or not, this devise will tell you why your baby is crying? With babies you never know, as one minute they are happy and the next minute they are screaming at the top of their voice. As a new parent, it is often difficult to know why the baby is crying. Here, comes the Crying Baby Analyzer to the parents’ rescue. This machine tells you know just within 2 seconds, why is the little one crying. It tells whether the baby is hungry, stressed, annoyed, bored or tired. The parents will thank you at least ten times for this thoughtful gift.

The Crying Baby Analyzer

  1. Pendelton hooded towel: Whenever parents will dry and cuddle their kids, they will thank you for gifting the Pendleton hooded towel. It is made from 100% cotton that is exclusively embroidered. These hooded towels come in various designs like Wild horses, dream catcher, Bird song hooded towel and Painted pony hooded towels.


  1. Travelling crib: Whether you frequently travel or rarely, having a travelling crib is on the list of the parents. The foldable bag which, when open transforms into a comfortable crib will make for a great gift for the parents. Prefer the bag that offers storage space to keep the bottle and diapers for ease use.


  1. Chief Joseph Knit Layette Set: This gift will thrill the parents as this gift set contains double face blankets, booties and hat. The little one will surely look adorable in this set. The blanket and hat are made of cotton and the booties are made of a blend of spandex, cotton and nylon. The baby will stay very comfortable and happy.


  1. Battery-Operated Nail Trimmer: Trimming the nails of the little one is not an easy task. Often parents dread the thought of trimming the nails of the kids as they fear of hurting them. For such parents there is nothing better than battery-operated nail trimmer. This gadget trims the nails gently with the effective oscillating action. The pads are cushioned for the baby’s nail. There are two power settings to choose from keeping the age, strength and length of the nails in mind.


  1. Canvas Tepee tent: This tent will be loved by the parents as it can be the ideal place for the naptime for the little one. The canvas tepee tent has 5 panels, zip-open door, window and floor. This tent is completely id safe, easy to assemble and flame retardant. The cotton canvas with the wood poles gives the tent the real strength.


  1. Pendleton Bandana Coated Tote: Parents will thank you every time they have to go out for shopping or a short trip. The Pendleton cotton canvas bags with the PVC coating, cotton handles and nylon lining make the sturdy. The bag is spacious enough to hold a pair of diapers, set of extra clothes, soothers and other essentials. The random horizontal pattern gives it a trendy look.


  1. The Li’l Helper Bottle Holder: It is a safe way to keep the little ones entertained and nursing when the parents are busy with some other task. The ergonomic design matches well with the baby’s natural nursing posture and BPA free and sturdy construction holds the bottle well.


  1. Pendleton Crib Blanket: The Pendleton crib blankets are quite colorful and will surely be loved by the parents. These blankets are made from 82% pure virgin wood and 18% cotton thus the little one will feel warm and comfortable. The vibrant colored crib blankets with unique and interesting designs make for a perfect gift idea.


These 11 gift ideas will help you choose the best gift that will surely make the parents feel happy and thank you hundred times for gifting something of real value and taste.