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5 Activities To Strengthen Parent and Child Bond, womansaga

The holidays are finally here. And you are still not ready with a plan to keep your kids busy. And you think the only option with you is the idiot box and the play station. You are mistaken! If you have a look around, there are numerous ways to keep your kids busy. Not to mention, the same activities will foster the love between you and your child. At the same time, these learning activities will be extremely useful in the long run.

Tip: you need to take your child into consideration whenever you plan something. It is no use trying to teach him to dance when he has two left feet. So try activities that they like. Here are 5 activities to strengthen parent and child bond:

1. Gardening: Most kids I know love to get their hands messy. There is no better way than gardening. Yes, having a backyard is a great advantage. However, do not let space deter your intentions. A flower pot will definitely solve your purpose. I would suggest putting a flower plant, a vegetable (like a chili or a tomato plant) and a medicinal herb (like basil or Aloe Vera). Most of these plants do not take a lot of space and do not need a lot of care. At the same time, the kids love to see the way the seed sprouts and takes a form of something really beautiful.

Gardening with kids2. DIY: Let the child’s creativity go wild. Give them some basic stuff like paper or cardboard along with some crayons and paint. Let them use their creativity. Once they are done, ask them what made them do that drawing/art. There are a lot of DIY videos on YouTube. Use that to your advantage. Do not let any of those cereal boxes go waste. It’s easy to turn them to pen holders or eye masks.

DIY activities for kids3. Breakfast together: Yes….your kids can always help you make breakfast. Let them butter their bread. Give them the responsibility of putting the cereals in their milk. It’s ok if they spill and make a small mess. Being clumsy is every child’s birthright. However, they will be proud when they realize that you trust them with preparing their own breakfast.

kids making breakfast4. Read: Reading instill values in the children. This is the time when curiosity is at its peak. Answer every question they ask truthfully and patiently. Ensure every story has a moral. That way, they will grow up to be well rounded individuals.

reading with kids5. Play together: How many parents out are ready to give anything to go back to their original shape? To tell you the truth, you do not need to spend a cent on those club and gym memberships. The answer is right there looking at you with innocent eyes. Children have oodles of energy all waiting to be spent. Use them to your advantage. Play catch, basketball, race together. See, all you have to do is get into those jogging shorts, run like crazy and you have already lost a few pounds every month.

playing  with kids

Your child is a blessing to you. All they ask for is a little bit of your time and love. Give it to them and watch them grow with pride.

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