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Social Media Causes Depression In Kids, womansaga

Do you know somebody who doesn’t have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any of social networking? Well, of course not. Nowadays, we live in the cyber world more than the actual world. It can be overwhelming sometimes, but for many people it’s considered the most comfortable world to deal with.

Personally, the first thing I do when I wake up is checking my email or my what’s up app to know what is happening in the world and who was asking about me or wanted to talk to me. For me this is the most exciting part of my day, I continue lying on my bed for half an hour only for checking my social media profiles. Defiantly, I am not the only one, most of the people if not everybody I know do the same. I think we are driven by this exciting and unstoppable world, it drags us to change the way we feel, look and work. If this is what happened to us, imagine what has it done to your kids.

These social media platforms have made our kids question their lives and whereas they are happy enough or not. Every time they look online, they see the perfect picture for happy people and then, they feel that they are not happy enough. This makes them feel unsatisfied with their real world and makes them dissatisfied. The kids start demanding the things that they feel that will make them “happier”without even thinking about it. In short social media causes depression in kids.

As a parent, you should realize the dangers the kids are going through because of their interaction on social media channels. To ensure safety and well-being of your kids on the social platforms, as a parent, read below to find the answer to the most difficult question, how to protect our kids from the cyber-world:

Have conversations with your kids about the dangers online.

  • Remind them that not everything online is true.
  • Help them differ between the fact and fiction.
  • Show them a safe and effective way to search information online.
  • Unplug them from technology for a few hours daily and show them some alternative to spend their Free Time.
  • Explain them the importance of feeling contented with what they have
  • Before all of this you have to teach yourself how to reduce our usage of internet, so we can definitely be a role model for our kids and show them that it can be happened and cyber world is not everything.