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15 Signs Of A Jealous Husband

Love is all about belonging to someone and some bit of possessiveness is given in a relationship. Let’s be honest, some amount of possessiveness is cute as it makes you feel special and you also like flaunting it to your friends. So what’s the deal with possessiveness bypassing its limits and suffocating the love out of a relationship? I mean, how do you know that how much is too much?

Look at the 15 signs of a jealous husband, if you see these around, it’s time to talk to him about it.

  1. He looks down upon and erases any possibility of your independence, as if independence is Evil. He tracks where, what, how and who of everything you do or everyone you meet.
  2. He does all decision making, at least plays a part in it. Oh, he just cannot digest you deciding to go against his will.
  3. He covers his possessiveness in the garb of his love and care for you, every time you highlight his over protective behavior.
  4. He feels very uneasy and cannot let you be with any other guy for anything.
  5. He wants you to answer his calls at all time. If you fail to call him back after you missed his call, he accuses you off ignoring him.
  6. He wants you to share all the passwords, including mails and social networking profiles.
  7. The word ‘space’ is not in his dictionary, he nags you if you do things that you enjoy and whine until you leave it and join him in something he enjoys to do.
  8. He does not appreciate any of your friends and not even talk to your guy friends.
  9. He prevents you from gaining any new experience or expanding your horizons.
  10. He exaggerates and obsesses about you being safe and sulks if you try something new and succeed at it without HIM.
  11. Constant calls from him or repeated asking for updates from your husband. He basically starts feeling unimportant as soon as you are on your own.
  12. He cannot let you enjoy the appreciation. He feels he should be the only one appreciating you.
  13. He tries to have a patent right on you. He tags along in all your plans and programs.
  14. He resorts to emotional blackmailing if you try and put your point across that he is over-possessive and jealous for no reason and this may land you up feeling guilty.
  15. He enjoys it when you are down or feel betrayed by your friends. Yay! “See, I said so, your friends are not good.”

Remember, everyone loves their own space, freedom and independence. If someone really loves you, he will be supportive and encouraging and not be insecure about you and treat you like crap in the garb of love. Be aware of the fine line between peace and silence.