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5 Hush-Hush Secrets Every Woman Should Know About A Man, womansaga

Men are built differently than women. Differences exist at the physiological level, mental level, cognitive level, and not surprisingly, the emotional level. For most women, men are still a mystery that is why self-help books are always so popular.

Before you run out and purchase another “guide to your husband’s thinking” book, read on about 5 hush-hush Secrets Every Woman Should Know About A Man.

1) Most Men Think About Sex, Most Of The Time

This is true of all guys under the age of 60. Men tend to fantasize about sex much more frequently than women. Unlike women, who put off fantasizing if they are feeling emotionally low, men usually don’t care about the ups and lows of emotion. They are always willing and ready to get it on and dirty, anywhere and anytime!

2) Men Need Space

Men enjoy having alone time. Some men have their little escape rooms, such as another bedroom, or basement, while others simply slouch on the couch in front of the television set. This does not mean he is ignoring you. Men withdraw in this manner, in order to relax and unwind. Men don’t need spas, or shopping to make them feel better. Most are usually happy, simply lying on the couch, with a remote control in their hands. Different strokes for different folks, right!

3) Guys Do Not Like To Be Set Up

When you ask a man, if a dress makes you look fat, or if you can ask him something without him getting mad, sets a guy up. Most guys don’t like these lines of questioning. Firstly, it screams lack of confidence, which guys don’t care for.

4) Guys Mean What They Say

When a guy says he’s not hungry, or he answers with “I’m ok”, he really is OK! Unlike women, who respond with the real answer after being asked for the fifth time, men answer right away. They usually do not have a hidden agenda.

5) Most Guys Are Not Emotional but They Are Also Not Dumb

Most women complain about how television unrealistically portrays a female’s body and roles. The same applies to men too. Men do know how to take care of the children when you are out. They do know how to get the cleaning done, and dinner cooked. Their methods might be different, but the results will be the same. Guys also want to be appreciated for what they do. The next time you see your guy doing extras around the house, give him some extra love.

After reading this, don’t be shocked! At least now you know what is normal about the behavior of your man! So, next time before you begin to quarrel remember these golden words.