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5 Places To Sneak In A Love Note

Every day is Valentine’s Day if you enjoy being a little creative!  Write a little love note – it doesn’t have to be a grand endeavor, and whether your love note is found immediately or even a few months later, that doesn’t matter…real love is timeless.

  1. The freezer

Love note_3

Yes, the humble, everyday freezer.  It’s a fantastic place, really, for leaving a love note.  I do this every time I wrap meat in freezer paper – in addition to “Roast, 6/10/15” or some such, underneath that is the love note “I love you, baby”, or “XOXO”, “Hi honey I love you” or some other endearment.  Home from college for the summer?  Leave a love note on something in the freezer.  A marker, piece of paper, and a little masking tape will really make Mom’s (or Dad’s) crummy day they had at work a whole lot better when they grab something out of the freezer to make for supper (a couple of months after you’ve gone back to college and they miss you) and see this little note stuck to their pizza that says “I love you Mom!” or “You’re awesome Dad!”.

  1. The cupboard

Love note_1

Another unexpected place to let your loved one find a token of your affection is inside one of their coffee cups, tea mugs, take-along mugs, wine glass, or simply on top of the plates.  Or stuck in amongst the pots and pans, taped to a can of green beans…you get the idea.

  1. The closet

Love notes_1

Pockets are wonderful things in which to stash a love note.  Shoes are, too.  Unless the closet is a messy disaster, in which case they may never find that love note you left for them!  And there’s always the sock drawer, jammy drawer, and even the lowly linen closet.

  1. A shelf

Love note

Almost everyone’s home has a shelf where they have pictures, knick-knacks, books, and a host of other things.  And a lot of people won’t readily notice that small change you made when you placed that love note on there, so even if you put it in a brightly-colored envelope they still may not even notice it for a while, and you can have a little more fun when they finally see it!

  1. The car

love notes on car

There are not a lot of atypical places in the car to stick a love note, the usual steering wheel, visor, glove box, and console are still good places.  And we spend a lot of time in the car anyway, with going to work, running kids to various practices, etc.  But finding a love note in the car is still fun, and it’s something positive in an otherwise hectic and aggravating day.  And leaving a love note inside the trunk lid is an awesome way to cheer someone up, especially if they have to be changing a flat!