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5 Ways To Keep Your Husband Happy, womansaga

Most of the times we read about how to make your wife happy, how to surprise her. But have you ever thought that your man or husband equally deserves to be happy. As a wife, you must try and give him the needed care, freedom, and love so that he feel pampered. After all, he sacrifices most of his desires and happiness just to take care of you and the family. Here are 5 Fs to keep your husband happy without spending a lot of money and time:

  1. Freedom


Being a husband doesn’t mean that he owes everything to his wife. One need to understand that be it any relationship, we all need freedom. To consider your husband a wallet is simply to curb him as an individual. Is he born only to fulfill his family’s dreams? I think, Breaking this culture is very important. To give your partner the freedom to dream, to wish, to love and to enjoy before he craves for one will not only keep him happy but also strengthen the relationship.

  1. Food


A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and this adage says it all. Definitely, if your husband is a foodie then that’s it, you have an easy catch. The lip smacking food is the way to his heart. Cooking his favorite food (be it a simple recipe) makes his day.

  1. Friends


Friends play a very important in our lives. Usually, husbands get to spend time or see their old school and college friends because they get busy at both professional and personal fronts. You as a wife can always give him a pleasant surprise by inviting his friends for a small get together or dinner party or just a drink party. He will definitely feel special and the smile that you will see on his face will truly be worth it.

  1. Fun


Life is not only about paying your bills, it is more than that. You need to understand, what your partner loves to do. To emphasize on your partner’s hobbies and interests, is very important for a successful relationship. Support him in his interests like driving, riding a bike or golf and encourage him so that he feels happy and relaxed.

  1. Fashion with elegance


Fashion plays a very important role in anyone’s life, as it brings confidence. And Men love the confidence factor of women. Being confident brings a lot of encouragement and innovation in one’s relationship. So carry yourself with elegance and confidence to keep your relationship blooming.

These are my 5 Fs, if you have more, please leave a comment in the comment section below.

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  1. Chitra,

    I like the way you inscribed a husband. I would like to add another F to your list of 5 ‘F’.

    \Faith\ which is very important. You have to have faith in your Man.

    Men have a tendency of taking a foot if given an inch…